The Guide to B&W Film Development: Part 2 – Preparing for Development

Welcome to Part 2 of my Guide to B&W Film Development.

Part 1 had a look at the jargon, the process and what exactly we are dealing with when it comes to film and B&W film development. Part 2 will look at how to prepare for development. This is infact the biggest part of the process and the one that generally takes the longest. What? No? Surely the development process is the longest part?! Actually once you are setup the Development process takes the least amount of time.. it all comes down to proper preparation. The 5 x P’s comes to mind when thinking about this … (Proper Preparation Prevents Pisspoor Performance).

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The Guide to B&W Film Development: Part 1 – Introduction to B&W Film

Welcome to Part 1 of my Guide to B&W Film Development.

Part 1 will deal with an overall view at the process.. the jargon.. the film.. and what you are looking to achieve. The main idea is that by the end of the 5 days there will be a guide with enough information for you to purchase, prepare, develop and then scan your own film. I wont look so much into the history of film (I can save that for another time) but almost think of this as a science experiment. Now I will say right off the bat.. this is for Black & White development only.. NOT c-41 process/colour negative or E-6 (slide)/colour reversal film development. I will write guides to those processes.. as I learn them myself.

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My Upcoming Guide to B&W Film Development

I am excited to share that over the past week I have been putting together my Guide to Black and White Film Development. As part of this blog I have always wanted to share some insight into how to achieve similar results in photography. Whether it be where to shoot, how to shoot and now.. film.

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Bobby Stormtrooper

For most of May I have been able to borrow a Nikon D700 and I just love this camera to bits. One of the best thing is shooting at ISO6400 comfortably. I took this shot in my room of my Stormtrooper Headbobber (not to be confused with Stormy Stormtrooper). This shot was with my Nikon 85mm 1.8D and single lit by a lamp. There is noise/grain but its so sharp and what can I say.. I think I am in love. Time to get me one of these and make the move to Full Frame!

Just a short post for today.

Till next time..

Newtown Street Photography

Street photography is a very interesting yet difficult medium to master. You need to (as the photographer) find a way to engage subjects… either by being bold and snapping people without care.. or by mastering other techniques (like shooting from the hip). I am not very good at either of these.. I sort of fumble along the way but I still like what I like and when my friend Josh asked to go for some Street Shooting in Newtown on his birthday.. well how could I resist?

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McIvers Baths Moonscape

The large moon sitting on the horizon in late March was a big talking point within the photography community. My housemate was very keen on getting out and capturing some shots of the massive moon on the horizon. The problem was tracking the right path and trajectory to have an interesting foreground for the shot. There were a few days where the moon would be at it’s biggest (at the moon rise and moon set) unfortunately of course for Sydney.. it was overcast! But the next chance the clouds parted (ever so slightly) we grabbed our cameras and shot down the road to get some photos.

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Friday the 13th Sunrise

South Maroubra Sunrise Outside in Pixels Photography by Jack Chauvel Seascape Landscape OIP

No black cats, ladders or hoodoo was going to stop me from getting out for a sunrise on Friday the 13th! Not even the fact I was using a borrowed Nikon D700.. I didnt have a cable release/trigger.. and I left my quick release plate on my Nikon D90 at my parents house which meant I had to use a borrowed tripod. My main motivation for getting out on a Friday before work (yes before work.. am I crazy?!) is that I am trying to get into a good routine of heading out for sunrises on Fridays and Sundays this Autumn/Winter and Spring. For me this meant a trip to a new spot.. about 10mins from my new place and making the most of the Sun rising in a ENE trajectory. Welcome to South Maroubra.

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La Perouse Sunrise Long Exposure

This is a rather cold shot from the 31st of March. It is actually Week 12 in my 10 Stop Project and this was taken under the bridge to Bare Island at La Perouse in Sydney. La Perouse sits near the heads of Botany Bay and is pretty much where Captain Cook first landed (Memorial is on the other side of the bay at Kurnell).

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Turimetta Beach in Early May

Turimetta Beach is a rather wild beach in Warriewood on the northern beaches in Sydney. I say wild because it feels rather untamed.. almost like you aren’t in Sydney at all. It is tucked away from houses, lights and almost always has decent sized surf crashing over the rock shelf. It is a seascape photographer’s paradise and every time you head there you are almost guaranteed to see at least 5 – 10 other photographers. I think the most I counted was around 25! It is the taming of the wild beast however as Turimetta is not forgiving and the roughness of the beach means the sandbanks and what is exposed is forever changing

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A Cloudy South Coogee Sunrise

If you follow me on any social medias you might have seen me up and about at ungodly hours over the last week or so.. this has been in trying to kick start my winter drive for sunrises. Why winter you say? Isnt it colder? Yes.. its freezing.. it is so so so so cold in the morning. But historically from my observations the colder months produce some more spectacular sunrises. I personally find however that its getting back into the groove of making consistent returns to the beach in the morning that is key to ongoing early rises. And how does sunrise work as a photographer

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