My Upcoming Guide to B&W Film Development

I am excited to share that over the past week I have been putting together my Guide to Black and White Film Development. As part of this blog I have always wanted to share some insight into how to achieve similar results in photography. Whether it be where to shoot, how to shoot and now.. film.

My journey into film is still in it’s infant stages. However I jumped in the deep end when it comes to B&W Film Development thanks to my Dad giving me a nudge in the right direction (mainly getting me what I needed to get started). My aim is to bring across the entire process from someone who has recently learnt it, whilst sharing my own mistakes and tricks I have learnt along the way.

Each day over the next 5 days at 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time I will blog the next part in the series. The parts are as follows..

Part 1 – Introduction to B&W Film
Part 2 – Preparing for Development
Part 3 – Preparing the Film
Part 4 – The Development Process
Part 5 – How to Digitise your Negatives

Following the 5 days ill put all parts together in a new guides section on the site. I would really appreciate any/all feedback regarding the guide as well as areas it could be further expanded or general tips & tricks you may want to add along the way. I plan on working on adding more guides to the site covering C41 development, lighting tips, seascapes and more.

My recent beach expeditions are still awaiting posting.. ill put them up after the guides are done.

Looking forward to sharing them with you soon!

Till next time..

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