Exhibition! Success! & Thankyou!

I type this as I finish the first day of manning the gallery this weekend. In front of me are walls full of art and inspiration. Four different unique approaches, views and finishes. Four different people who draw on life experiences, passions and love of sharing enable me to experience something that has changed my photographic vision looking forward.

I find it hard to put into words the emotions, anxiety, stress and almost naked feeling taking part in an exhibition puts you in. The fear that everybody/nobody will like your work.. the whispers.. the looks.. and the potential for nobody turning up is enough to make your stomach turn.

But the moment your friends and family start turning up on opening night.. seeing your work framed and up in the spot light on the bright white walls.. those fears turn into excitement and a craving for nice white wine.

The opening night was a blast.. with so many friendly faces and friends that I have accumulated from so many different walks of life. I admit I put myself out there, and in the process meet so many awesome people and you all mean a lot to me, and contribute a lot to helping me develop not only as a person, but as a photographer.

So it is here I sit about to close up for the day.. saying farewell to the last people to walk through and I have a massive smile on my face.

If you get a chance to drop in before the show closes.. please do. It runs until the 11th of Feb at the Salerno Gallery, 70 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe.
Till next time..

On Film | An Exhibition

It is with much excitement that I post about an upcoming opportunity for me.. my first exhibit! Ill be displaying my film work with 3 other great film photographers in a show in Sydney at the Salerno Gallery in Glebe. I have known the owner of the gallery (Arran) for a little over a year now, originally meeting through a good mutual friend George. We had discussed at a fleeting moment the opportunity of doing a show sometime.. probably focused on something like street photography. As it happens with another artists pulling out for this early Feb slot.. I had the opportunity to get into the gallery with a few other great togs and get the ball rolling on a show about film.

I love shooting film, it isnt hard to see that a lot of my recent work are uploads from scans of me shooting film. The whole image printed brings the process full circle, for this show unfortunately I didnt print right off the negative (I scanned the negative and printed) but the representation of an image on paper… something you can hold.. something you can see the imperfections.. colours and framing apart from on a monitor or a small negative is definitely something special.

So.. details? Yes details.. there is an opening night as well as about 3 weeks of show time.

Salerno Gallery

70 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe, Sydney

Opening Night: Tuesday the 24th of January.. 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Show Running Time: 24th of January – 11th of February

Website: http://www.salernogallery.com/exhibitions/on-film/

If you need any more information feel free to contact the gallery or email me on info@outsideinpixels.com

Till next time..

I’m Back Online! Yipeeeee!

With the massive year that was 2011… you have probably seen me struggle to keep this blog rolling on with consistent updates! Taking a little too much on board is probably an understatement, but rewarding nonetheless. I am still very much obsessed with my passion for landscapes/seascapes.. but in the latter half of this year it has really taken second place to me expanding my portfolio and interests into people and naturally.. weddings. I have touched from time to time through my posts (and well I am guessing the few that will read this also follow other social media) that I am doing a lot of wedding work for Daniel K Cheung.

For me.. personally it is amazing that someone has seen the ability and given me the opportunity to try something, which I now love. I remember saying upfront that I did not like weddings! But it only took one to sway me the other way.. but for that chance and now.. after having assisted/second shot at 14 weddings for 2011 I am really struggling to show the gratitude I have towards Daniel for the chance. Not to mention that September/October saw myself solo shoot a wedding and primary shoot another!

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Clancee in Centennial Park

Why hello! Yes.. I am still alive! .. I realise the blog has come to a crawl this past month.. what an epic month it has been! Ill have to write some musings.. and some stories.. but for now I just want to share some photos. These shots are from a shoot in September.. well I think it was September.. which Clancee again in Centennial Park. I actually even have gotten film back for this shoot.. thats how long it has been haha..

Some lovely light.. playing with my 85mm tilt shift lens I picked up the day before the shoot and shooting with my RZ67.. this was a LOT of fun. I have some exciting things happening in 2012.. and an excellent finish to 2011.. and I got to see my Nanna last week which just.. was amazing as she hasnt been well. I am off camping for a few days but look forward to a new post upon my return.

Till next time..


Where I’ve Been.. What I’ve Done.. What You See

It kind of feels like there should be an Echo in here… 3 weeks since my last blog.. shock horror.. its been smashingly busy this past month or so! But I have been busy.. and doing a lot.. and uploading to Flickr.. so I apologise blog.. very sorry.. it is just sometimes easier to edit and upload than edit and blog. Although I do have a lot to share.. im thinking my schedules should be spread out a bit more.

So what have I been shooting? Well people.. and not just wedding people (although there have been some beautiful brides and very manly grooms) I have been branching out.. varying my style.. and taking myself out of my comfort zone. What’s that? No beaches? Nope.. well also my car stopped working.. which kinda sucks.. but I havent done a sunrise for about 6 weeks now.. maybe more.. its kind of.. odd.. almost alien and I do really really miss it. Ill get there again, to be perfectly honest.. with my weekends busy with client meets, weddings, pre-weddings and other assorted photography shenanigans I really cant afford to get up and bare the brunt of the tiredness.. so im working with it.

So to save more of a ramble.. here is a mix of what I’ve been up too..

Some brain eating..

Girls in Parks..

A collaboration shoot..

A trip to Melbourne!

Girls in Abandoned Factories..

Some film scanning..

Maybe the odd long exposure as well.. on film of course..

But it didnt turn out THAT great..

But I still had fun.. so lots to share.. cant wait 🙂

Till next time..

Week 27 – 695

Up and over 11 minutes we go! This morning was.. pretty damn miserable ill have to admit. The colour to the left didnt really do anything with the passing cloud as I had hoped… and the big black clouds looming on the right rained on Sydney for the rest of the day (yay…)

Still this morning was to meetup with another photographer who was up in Sydney on a business trip and could sneak out for a sunrise. He liked the location, but still .. the elements didnt really work with him here. In fact the last 2 or 3 sunrises I have been on has been mainly about meeting other photographers to catchup, shoot the breeze and shoot some film (which I did on this morning). For me the social side of photography is a big motivatator.. and I really hope to get out shooting with some more of my buddies in the near future.

What is hard though is I have made so many buddies abroad! Many in the US & Canada which hopefully.. one day ill be able to do a road trip over there and meet a few of them 🙂

Only around 8 weeks behind now.. so as the rest get published it will move back down to one per week.. like it was intended!

Till next time..

Week 26 – Mahon Clouds

Another morning at the Mahon Pool.. I say ill get sick of this place but I dont think I ever will.. soo much possibility..

The problem with sunrise/seascape photography is that it is always a battle against the elements.. and you have to go time and time again until everything is just right. This morning was actually a bore.. it was cloudy.. it was cold.. it was wet and it wasnt very inspiring at all. Its actually the same morning from Week 16 of my project… but that is OK they are totally their own images.. and you probably wouldnt have put 2 and 2 together without me anyway 🙂

One thing I have noticed as a photographer is that as your style & tastes change that you see locations in a new light. I am starting to see some places I have shot a few times in a completely different way.. but in other ways I have also identified that I have somewhat tunnel visioned myself into a few key locations, rather than trying some spots on the spur of the moment.

All areas of improvement.. really been missing my chances to shoot seascapes.. I am thinking about adopting my Friday pre-work sunrise again. When this post goes live ill in fact ill be driving down to Melbourne (hopefully just arriving) to shoot a wedding. I have a few things queued but will do my best to stay vocal with you all.

Till next time..

Week 25 – Circular Quay Panorama

I have been looking forward to sharing this shot from the project as it was a lot of fun to put together and whilst I think I can make improvements.. I was happy with the first try. This is my first long exposure panorama, with 8 shots which were shot at f8 @ 60seconds (or there abouts) on the Cahill Expressway looking over Circular Quay in Sydney.

It is quite a tricky task, with light changing and camera angle/direction meaning light fall off is different but I think it works well. I tried to capture the range of shots as the boats came/left and moved about in the quay. For an added bonus of difficulty.. the expressway moves a tiny bit with all the traffic (+ trains underneath) so there is a chance you will get some slight shake or softness introduced to the photo.. but I couldnt see any.

I would love to do a few more panoramas such as this over the summer months.. as the sunsets get longer and it gives me some more time to execute them the way I want. In the end it will come down to location, and whilst I love Sydney I find it quite hard to find any really great panorama locations of different subject matter.. since these pivotal landmarks always seem to be featured in one way or another. Another challenge perhaps?

Definitely view this large! (Just click the image and the lightbox will do the rest for you).

Till next time..

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