La Perouse Sunrise Long Exposure

This is a rather cold shot from the 31st of March. It is actually Week 12 in my 10 Stop Project and this was taken under the bridge to Bare Island at La Perouse in Sydney. La Perouse sits near the heads of Botany Bay and is pretty much where Captain Cook first landed (Memorial is on the other side of the bay at Kurnell).

This shot is one of my first shots over 11 minutes and this is a really very long time to expose for.. much like doing star trails this type of shot starts creating noise as the sensor heats up and can be really hit and miss. There is no secret to using the 10 stopper.. the more you use it the more you begin to judge the light and the effect this will have. This subsequently gives you a general time you think you should expose for. For this actual shot I tried one at 5mins and found it way too dark so decided to take it to the next level at over 11 mins. There are a few things that I like about this shot.. it has the lines which I crave in most of my images but I think it is the many things to look at. The white wash that the water has created over the rocks over the 11mins works as a nice contrast against the blackness at the very far end of the bridge.

This sunrise was cold and wet and gloomy so I thought the blue tones captured were fitting. I am not sure how I will post up the 10 stop project shots as I dont really want to repeat post images up.. however I might do this later in the year as a recap.

La Perouse is notoriously hard for sunrise as the heads mainly block the rising sun. I have seen some beautiful shots when there have been nice clouds around and I am determined to capture it at sunset one day. At least there is good fish and chips nearby so the hard work of visiting isnt really hard work at all!

Till next time..

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