I’m Back Online! Yipeeeee!

With the massive year that was 2011… you have probably seen me struggle to keep this blog rolling on with consistent updates! Taking a little too much on board is probably an understatement, but rewarding nonetheless. I am still very much obsessed with my passion for landscapes/seascapes.. but in the latter half of this year it has really taken second place to me expanding my portfolio and interests into people and naturally.. weddings. I have touched from time to time through my posts (and well I am guessing the few that will read this also follow other social media) that I am doing a lot of wedding work for Daniel K Cheung.

For me.. personally it is amazing that someone has seen the ability and given me the opportunity to try something, which I now love. I remember saying upfront that I did not like weddings! But it only took one to sway me the other way.. but for that chance and now.. after having assisted/second shot at 14 weddings for 2011 I am really struggling to show the gratitude I have towards Daniel for the chance. Not to mention that September/October saw myself solo shoot a wedding and primary shoot another!

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Bobby Stormtrooper

For most of May I have been able to borrow a Nikon D700 and I just love this camera to bits. One of the best thing is shooting at ISO6400 comfortably. I took this shot in my room of my Stormtrooper Headbobber (not to be confused with Stormy Stormtrooper). This shot was with my Nikon 85mm 1.8D and single lit by a lamp. There is noise/grain but its so sharp and what can I say.. I think I am in love. Time to get me one of these and make the move to Full Frame!

Just a short post for today.

Till next time..

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