Week 19 – Drifter

I picked up and carried this bit of wood around 50m from further down the beach. I dont think it quite worked this morning as the sky didnt really come to the party (and I was using a borrowed D700 and didnt have my filters). None the less you can see the effect I was aiming for with the wood.

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Week 18 – F8 @ 61 seconds

One of my first visits of a few this winter.. looking forward to getting back there again on the next low tide. The green moss has hung around this year, which is great to hear. There have been some large amounts of sand movement as well which has opened up the beach to some new rocks I have never seen before. I took a number of different shots this morning, but for me it was a bit of a disappointing sunrise compared to some others. I have a couple of good sunrise shots from this winter at Turimetta but I am still after something I am truly proud of.

I also took the opportunity to shoot some film on this morning… but I have yet to finish all the stitches from the day! So much film, so little time.. I think I need to improve the process ­čÖé

Looking forward to some more sharing.. I hope you have been following my flickr as you will see I have done a lot of shooting lately.

Till next time..

Week 17 – The Cloud Monster

This was a fairly wild morning at a place that is supposed to be a quiet at a lower tide.. but boy does it cop some full on big sets which surprise you! I am always on my guard at this spot, and I still have a lot of exploring to do here. It is the Ivo Rowe pool at South Coogee which is close to my new place. On this morning it looked like it might rain.. but it kind of held off.. so I decided to head out and brave the crisp May morning. There was a bit of cloud on the horizon and it was moving quick, and I figured it was the perfect 10 stop weather.I like the shot it creates a mood which suits the shapes the clouds make well. There is some colour cast (the purple) which I played too a bit when editing the shot. This is getting closer to the type of photography I saw when I first got the 10 stopper.. with long exposures picking up lots of colours and streaky clouds.. I think I am going to have to give sunset 10 stop trips a gamble.

I also shot a bunch of film on this same day just around the pool which was a bit of fun.

Out of all the places each time I have gone to the Ivo Rowe pool I have been the only person there, apart from a woman who comes down with her dog like clockwork every morning for him to have a run/swim. There are some other potential rock formations nearby which I want to explore a bit more, perhaps on a low tide.

Looking forward to more sharing soon.

Till next time..

Week 16 – The Ten Stop Fence

And we are back! It is been a busy couple of weeks but finally the moons are aligning… the internet is back on.. I have had a chance to shoot a bucketload of film and finally have the scans coming back in which is always an exciting time for me. So I figured ill kick start the activities with a look at Week 16 of the 10 stop project. I would estimate I am around 7 weeks behind on a week by week count by now.. but that doesnt really phase me.. as the ongoing project will have periods of high activity and low.. I just want to keep some diversity.

This shot is from the same morning of Week 15.. at the Mahon Pool in Maroubra. It was quite a wild morning with the surf.. I have always tried to frame this fence in a way that I really enjoyed for the pool. I love lines.. in my photography lines that lead your eye through the image are a heavy feature I always try to follow. Naturally  I saw the opportunity to have some rigid lines which are man made and how they flow against and with the rock lines which are naturally made.

Black and white had more of an impact here, I hope to get some long exposures one day of this spot with some fast moving clouds and a splash of colour.

I have a few long posts to get together about specific films.. and I must begin working on my guide to c41 processing which I should begin soon as I just placed the last order I need for chemicals. I may or may not have picked up some new camera gear too which is rather exciting!

Till next time..

I will be back soon.. I promise.

A frustrating couple of weeks for me with the phone line at home getting disconnected and a massive circle jerk causing me excessive downtime with no net! So I am still here.. I just have no time to blog the way I want too. There are advantages of having no internet… it actually reminds me of a book I read whilst growing up called ‘What No TV?!’

As a child who has grown up with the digital/technical revolution the reliance on internet for not only entertainment but social interaction, personal development, creative exploring and also sharing your photography is something ┬áthat takes up a large part of your life. Kind of like the attachment many make with their own phones, take it away and they have lost a communication channel and a valuable part of their ‘self’.

Never fear.. I am not a tragic who is crying themselves to sleep in the corner each night waiting for the modem to flash ‘sync’ once more. I have been using the time to re-archive all my film negatives, send my new completed rolls off for development, teach B&W development to a fellow photographer and generally process through some of the back log I have at home.

So hopefully ill get another post up early next week before I get the net back on in over a week’s time from today…

Till next time..

Avalon Sunrise in July

I touched on Avalon with a preview of a sunrise in late May, which┬áin fact┬áinspired me to head out later that week back to Avalon to capture another sunrise. Now I havent actually finished editing that sunrise! I am bad no? ­čÖé Well I think you would agree that me being out shooting gives me a bit of leeway when it comes to blogging eh? 2 for 2 thus far with fairly nice sunrises on both visits to Avalon allowing for a full and enjoyable morning of shooting. With some nice sprawling cloud this morning really snapped, crackled and popped.

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Week 15 – Ten Stop Cathedral Rocks

Back in late April I headed down to the Mahon Pool for a rather dark and gloomy sunrise. There was promise but the cloud cover was really just too thick. Quite a large swell.. it was intimidating and not very forgiving and left me with a lot to clean up afterwards! I have a similar shot which has gone in as Week 26.

Till next time..

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