I’m Back Online! Yipeeeee!

With the massive year that was 2011… you have probably seen me struggle to keep this blog rolling on with consistent updates! Taking a little too much on board is probably an understatement, but rewarding nonetheless. I am still very much obsessed with my passion for landscapes/seascapes.. but in the latter half of this year it has really taken second place to me expanding my portfolio and interests into people and naturally.. weddings. I have touched from time to time through my posts (and well I am guessing the few that will read this also follow other social media) that I am doing a lot of wedding work for Daniel K Cheung.

For me.. personally it is amazing that someone has seen the ability and given me the opportunity to try something, which I now love. I remember saying upfront that I did not like weddings! But it only took one to sway me the other way.. but for that chance and now.. after having assisted/second shot at 14 weddings for 2011 I am really struggling to show the gratitude I have towards Daniel for the chance. Not to mention that September/October saw myself solo shoot a wedding and primary shoot another!

SO how does that effect this blog? Well I guess in many ways it effects it a lot… I can no longer really say that the name of this site is in sync with what I actually shoot.. and that Ill be moving towards a domain name under my own name http://www.jackchauvel.com. My blog will be migrating over and will represent many things but also focus on wedding work and what is up and coming for me. It really comes off as a branding decision, and a logical business decision to make the move.

I have been a little disappointed with my seemingly inability to blog consistently for Outside in Pixels throughout 2011. There have been periods where I have been able to devote a lot of time, and get the words in posts.. and share every couple of days consistently.. and then.. I simply haven’t. There are a couple of reasons for this.. one is time.. one is my own approach to work. I like to talk.. there is no doubt about it.. seldom will you find me being short of words or not chattering away, but I like to talk. This translates to my blogs (and this mini essay you are reading now). The problem with this is that I might have a set of photos, but I dont have time to share words with them.. and that is my own hangup Ill need to work on.

Whilst I love the name Outside in Pixels.. it doesnt really reference my love for film that has developed into something much more than just a ‘fling’.  I have been exposed to printed art this year, and it truly opened up new doors in terms of ‘meaning’ to photos I have taken. To have something printed that you can look at up close, or touch with your own hands.. is pretty damn special. I feel this can be lost a lot with people.. I hope I can present many albums of my work that I have shot.. as well as printed works that get framed and grace the walls of others.

My plan is to re-work Outside in Pixels into more of a ‘portfolio’ and offer prints for sale (framed by me). This is something that will take a backseat and be more of a work in progress over time. I think sites like Red Bubble that gives many the opportunity to simply print straight from your account as a great way to get your work available instantly.. but I think printed works should be carefully selected.. and is something I will have to give some thought and then get feedback about before I take it further.

I have exciting details about an exhibit Ill be displaying in only 4 days! Ill blog about it tomorrow.. so very excited. It is a mix of my film photos.. I dont know how ill choose them.. and my friend I have made through the exhibit has taught me how to frame.. an invaluable skill to have 🙂

Feels good to write something on the blog again.. looking forward to my next installment.

Till next time..

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