My name is Jack and I’m a photographer from Sydney, Australia.

Outside in Pixels is a creative name I spent months deciding upon to represent my presence online. The purpose behind the name is in reference to shooting digital and obviously subject matter outside. I however wanted something that could be passed around online and is quite catchy in the elements used to create the name. I do shoot film and many other subjects (indoors also!) so take the name as a bit of fun with a grain of salt.

I am a keen landscape/waterscape photographer (and anything outdoors in general). I am passionate about my photography.. it allows me to explore some amazing places, meet amazing people and experience some amazing occasions. My adventure into film was based around capturing some further classic photos in a process I control from the very beginning. Starting with the camera, the film, the shooting and the developing. I used my dad as a big inspiration for film and seeing him become excited about my own photos makes the whole process worth while.

I represent Daniel K Cheung Lifestyle and Wedding Photography as a Photographer/Storyteller. I always swore I wouldn’t do weddings, but after working for such a great photographer such as Daniel and having him bring the best out in my photography I simply couldn’t pass up the evolution of my involvement with him and his business. I thank Daniel for the time and patience he has put into helping me develop as a photographer.

So that is a little about me.. I obviously am available for professional services but I am also just a photography nut and am happy to share my thoughts, ideas and processes with anyone and everyone. So feel free to hang around, subscribe to the RSS feed and contribute with what I share through this site.

Till next time..



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