A Long Exposure of a Coogee Sunset

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If you live in Sydney you probably would have noticed that over the last couple of weeks we have been lucky to see some amazing sunsets. Great colours with mixes from orange to red to pink to purple and everything inbetween. Sydney is a difficult city to capture with a sunset.. and with the sunset getting earlier and earlier it is very rare I find myself out of work early enough to get to a vantage point to make the most of it. This is where the joy of flexible work hours comes in.. with me taking the opportunity of a pre-8am start to get out of work shortly after 4pm. This allowed me time to rush back home.. grab my bag and head on down to Coogee Beach one afternoon when I saw the sky turning a great colour.

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Primal Scream at the Coogee Bay Hotel

In late January I was given a fantastic opportunity by my friend Robert Gjessing from Harlequin Photography. Not only was it the opportunity to shoot my first live band gig.. it was at Coogee Bay Hotel and of an International Act. Now Primal Scream does not need any introduction to many people.. well perhaps not the current generation of Lady GaGa loving pop lovers but to the older crowd these guys still rate high on the radar.

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Fuji Superia 400 & Roll One

Well much the same as with my Fuji Neopan 400 post this is the Fuji Superia 400 post. A nicely grained c41 35mm film with some great colours and useability. I found it pretty interesting to shoot with but have had some mix results post development. A few where it seems to have really pushed the film too far and has unusable light/colours and grain. But for the rest of the shots.. I really do like it.

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Fuji Neopan 400 & Roll One

Welcome to Fuji Neopan 400.. a nice B&W film with a great grain.. and wow it has exceeded all the stories ive been told! I actually have around 5 rolls of this stuff at home.. waiting to be shot. I love the way it handles the grain and the contrast and it doesnt mind being shot at ISO800. A lot of people go to Neopan as their daily B&W film and I can definitely see why. I have also shot a roll of Neopan 1600 but I have yet to see the results (am hanging out).

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Just a quick one to scare you this Monday morning. This was taken at the Sydney Zombie Lurch a couple of weekends ago. Just so happens I was assisting for Daniel K Cheung in Hyde Park in Sydney at the same time and this lovely brain eater stopped to pose.

This is my first roll of Neopan 400 that I have gotten processed and what can I say… I think I am in love 🙂 It’s a great film with a nice grain.. this shot was a little underexposed so I pulled the levels up a bit but I retained the original grain from the scan (looks much more suitable than the mess Noise Reduction makes).

A few more blog posts to come this week. Looking forward to sharing them with everyone. I also now have the chemicals to setup my development at my new place.. so a couple of guides are in order! Taking a donation of a roll of 120 for a Guide to Loading film and a few other things.

Till next time..

Introducing the Yashicamat 124g

The whattamat what? No I am not spraying jibberish.. it is the name of my new Medium Format Film Camera. The next big step in my photography journey is to a 6×6 Twin Lens Reflex Film camera.. where you focus by looking into the top and you crank your film on by winding a handle. Too much you say? Well after spending years gawking at my dad’s beautiful Rolleiflex he has at home I decided that I must follow in his foot steps. So how does it work? Well perhaps this should be saved for a time when it isnt loaded with film and I can take some shots for you. Ill also spare you the intricate details of Medium Format and how a TLR works for then but for now.. why did i grab one of these?

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