Paul + Peta | Engagement



1. A tender feeling toward another; fondness. See Synonyms at love.
2. Feeling or emotion.

I could probably expand that list to about 1000.. but ill leave it at 2. Affection is a very personal matter and done differently by every couple. A quick glance across a room, a small smile that catches your eye, a touch of the shoulder… behind closed doors, in plain view or screaming it from the rooftops. The way this affection is shared between two people is very personal.. but when it is so abundant it bubbles through the personality of two people it is the recipe for some very emotive photography. Introducing Paul + Peta.. an amazing couple that Daniel K Cheung asked me to assist him shooting. I think the photos speak for themselves and capture perfectly the way they show affection for each other.

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Terry + Val | Engagement

Once again I am lucky to have been asked back by Daniel K Cheung to assist him with some more of his wedding work. This is a great opportunity to work with someone who is very passionate about his photography and his approach to the couple and the way he is always striving to give them the best he possibly can is very inspiring. This is leading on from my last post about location scouting, and these are the first results from this scout mission.

So now let me introduce you to Terry & Val. A lovely couple who are based in Sydney and found Daniel through some mutual friends. Unlike the previous shoots I have been on with Daniel this one was a shoot and meet/greet.. which is always challenging as you are building that rapport with the couple whilst taking invasive candid photos of them. Ok .. well not very invasive but when you havent done it much before then how are you to relax whilst big  glass is pointed your way?

My parents always thought that I would be a used car salesman…

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