Happy Mothers Day to All

I love my mum.. and I try to tell her that as often as possible. But it is always nice to spoil them and not for just one day telling you to do so.. but just as an extra reminder and thank you for all that they do for you. I am very lucky in that my mum supports me very well.. and my work.. and my photography. She is a great cook.. and I have.. learnt a few things over the past few years but it was only in my recent moveout that I took over the cooking reigns for my and my partner and I must say.. whilst sometimes a chore it is overall very exciting to try new things and having them work out. So did I set the bar high? well not really.. but I seem to be attracted to creating  authentic foods by following authentic recipes. So I gave a thai chilli jam recipe a go and I must say.. I was half impressed myself. Sorry the food photographer within lost out to the hungry man wanting to devour his dinner after a glass of red.

In short.. Happy Mother’s Day to all mum’s out there in the world.

Till next time..

P.S – I also have a Nikon D700 to play with for a week.. and this was my first shot with it :)

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