Friday the 13th Sunrise

South Maroubra Sunrise Outside in Pixels Photography by Jack Chauvel Seascape Landscape OIP

No black cats, ladders or hoodoo was going to stop me from getting out for a sunrise on Friday the 13th! Not even the fact I was using a borrowed Nikon D700.. I didnt have a cable release/trigger.. and I left my quick release plate on my Nikon D90 at my parents house which meant I had to use a borrowed tripod. My main motivation for getting out on a Friday before work (yes before work.. am I crazy?!) is that I am trying to get into a good routine of heading out for sunrises on Fridays and Sundays this Autumn/Winter and Spring. For me this meant a trip to a new spot.. about 10mins from my new place and making the most of the Sun rising in a ENE trajectory. Welcome to South Maroubra.

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