An All Night Photography Journey..

2 cars, 4 guys, 1 girl.. one Zakari, a few KM and a large pack of lolli mix later we have an epic night thankfully spared of microsleeps. Australia Day this year was on a Wednesday.. that means a mid week public holiday (not that crash.. really i mean honestly why cant they just give us two days off!). But this was an opportunity that Daniel decided to make a special occasion of a mid week break with a photo trip south of Sydney.

First stop Kiama followed by a sunrise at Coalcliff beach (right near the new sea cliff bridge).
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Sunrise at Whale Beach..

Well another sunrise (surprise surprise) but somewhere altogether new. A common trend across my sunrises might be the revisit to past locations. Why? Well I find its generally a comfort factor, but also wanting to capture a favourite place in a different light (pun intended).

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Film.. rolls rolls and more rolls

You know it will be a good blog post when it starts with a moustache. Well in all honesty I never know what shot to use as the opener.. so why not one of me? So I have been a busy beaver this weekend.. in total I went out for 4 shoots… and got a variety of shots.. some of which I am very happy with and I think I have some new media that definitely needs printing. But this is about film.. rolls rolls and more rolls. So since my last film update about the cricket, I have developed my second roll at home (with the third being done tomorrow) and also had some c41 processed locally which is the crux of this post.

Film as I have touched on has a special feel.. something different too it and something very inspiring.

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Another Sunrise.. Another Long Exposure

So once again a big thank you to Daniel K Cheung for getting me up and out of bed at an ungodly hour to drive half asleep towards the ocean. Back to an old favourite today.. the Mahon Pool at Maroubra. This would have to be one of my most favourite places in Sydney I think for shoots. It has so much character and is always defined by the ocean and the weather. Big swells/tides/rain and this place transforms into a powerful location. This morning was only second to a visit in August which saw us almost get taken out! I tried some longer exposures but wasnt able to be in one spot long enough before having to make for higher ground. I always kept an eye on the ocean so never fear.
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DOF Vader

A quick blog post today.. after a busy night last night I was able to develop another roll of film! And build my new Lego Tie Fighter… all with a sore back. The film was my second roll I have developed at home and ill soon post up the results, but I am quite happy. Here is a shot from my office.. these paper models I have featured before in a competition entry which involved paper models. I have a few more plans for the, I found a great place for the designs and they have a great collection from a variety of pop culture sources.

Time to get folding 🙂

Till next time..

A Day at the Cricket

A day at the cricket was on the agenda for the start of the year. The Ashes, unfortunately lost by this point but never the less hopes of a great game of cricket. Day 4 at the SCG is usually a cracker… where games are won/lost and players step up to the occasion. Unfortunately at the moment it is generally the opposition standing up or the Australians falling over.. but ill leave the topic of cricket there. It was with this trip to the iconic Sydney Cricket Ground that I saw an opportunity to capture something I have enjoyed since I was little.

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Sydney at 10 Stops

Sydney at 10 stops is a new Photo Project I am thinking of conducting in 2011. I have touched on this in the past, with the purchase of initially a Hitech 10 stop slide in filter, followed up by the purchase of a B+W 110 (10 stop) screw in filter. The idea of a 10 stop filter is to be able to expose in all conditions for a very long period of time.

The effect it has means that if used correctly you can make ongoing motions smooth out, or large crowds disappear. This creates a whole new illusion or perspective if you will on a location you may have seen many times before. I am always trying to do something different, something a little my way. The difficulty is, how do you gain a unique view on a city that has already been seen?
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Self Film Development.. The Journey

So a few nights ago I was filled with great anticipation.. I was excited.. but afraid.. and nervous as I poured out the last of the water from the developing tank. It only took 9 and a half minutes but it felt like 3 hours in total. I had just completed my first home development (as a complete film novice), with the help of my father. It is hard to describe how it feels.. its a new experience for an old technology. A technology which whilst accurate.. is not an exact science.. and much like looking at the black back of a film camera, when you first remove the film from the tank you just dont really know how it has turned out.
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