Sydney at 10 Stops

Sydney at 10 stops is a new Photo Project I am thinking of conducting in 2011. I have touched on this in the past, with the purchase of initially a Hitech 10 stop slide in filter, followed up by the purchase of a B+W 110 (10 stop) screw in filter. The idea of a 10 stop filter is to be able to expose in all conditions for a very long period of time.

The effect it has means that if used correctly you can make ongoing motions smooth out, or large crowds disappear. This creates a whole new illusion or perspective if you will on a location you may have seen many times before. I am always trying to do something different, something a little my way. The difficulty is, how do you gain a unique view on a city that has already been seen?

I have shared before that I would like to get a shot of every ocean pool in Sydney.. I have not fallen behind but moreso rather spread out the visiting to each. I am now thinking that perhaps I can combine the desire to shoot these pools with some long exposures as well. With the majority of Sydney Sunsets lacking great colour and detail, I was relying on the fact I would have to shoot most of these pools at dawn. With the weather of late we have seen either clear or heavily overcast skies in the morning, leading to too bright or too dull a morning for those really WOW shots.

So this takes me to the next point.. what exactly do you take long exposures of? Well I can do traffic… I can do shopping centers.. churches.. stations.. but are there enough unique views or vantage points to turn this into a project? I think perhaps Ill need to look outside the general box and usual information sources for this one. I think it will be exciting to see where it goes, hopefully I dont end up doing a long exposure in a dodgy back alley in darlinghurst thinking the view is something not seen before. Perhaps I need access to the roof top of a couple of buildings in the city?

I would love some feedback on potential locations to add to my ever growing list to try. I am open for most suggestions, here are a few of my current 10 stop Sydney stock shots to get those creative juices flowing.

Perhaps a long exposure calender? This will need some thought.
Till next time..


  • You should do a 52 project for the 10 stops 😉

    I tried getting access to the rooftop of a building a little over a year ago. Turned out the council owned it and asking them resulted in questions about insurance etc etc. You would need to know someone with ready access. Also, some hotels have roof top access for guests. Might be able to sneak in. :p

    January 17, 2011
  • I like your thinking there George… might have to put a post up on OCAU for access!

    There are a few places ive thought bout.. like steps going up into Myer and town hall steps.. central station tunnel.. darling harbour walk over bridge.. observatory hill.

    Have to go for some missions… do join!

    January 17, 2011
  • Great shot Jack. Really nice to see the bridge shot a little differently for once.

    January 18, 2011
  • I’m soooo going to ‘liberate’ your 10-stopper one of these days!

    January 18, 2011

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