Film.. rolls rolls and more rolls

You know it will be a good blog post when it starts with a moustache. Well in all honesty I never know what shot to use as the opener.. so why not one of me? So I have been a busy beaver this weekend.. in total I went out for 4 shoots… and got a variety of shots.. some of which I am very happy with and I think I have some new media that definitely needs printing. But this is about film.. rolls rolls and more rolls. So since my last film update about the cricket, I have developed my second roll at home (with the third being done tomorrow) and also had some c41 processed locally which is the crux of this post.

Film as I have touched on has a special feel.. something different too it and something very inspiring.

And I cant stop.. I am hoping the bug still bites.. I have lots of ideas for film but a lot of them involve me planning myself and planning some shoots. I love the people aspect of film, I love the character and the way it shows their character.. its very emotive. The B&W film I am using is cheap.. and I mainly bought it for test rolls and learning how to develop. I have now got the itch to move on though to higher quality film.. to get the lovely tones, contrast and grain. Mixing it up between colour and film will be the most important for me I think. So rabble rabble rabble you say.. here are the photos. i will probably move onto individual rolls or shots from rolls after this. And then do some more posts about specific films and cameras and developing.

Hope you enjoy.

Till next time..

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