An All Night Photography Journey..

2 cars, 4 guys, 1 girl.. one Zakari, a few KM and a large pack of lolli mix later we have an epic night thankfully spared of microsleeps. Australia Day this year was on a Wednesday.. that means a mid week public holiday (not that crash.. really i mean honestly why cant they just give us two days off!). But this was an opportunity that Daniel decided to make a special occasion of a mid week break with a photo trip south of Sydney.

First stop Kiama followed by a sunrise at Coalcliff beach (right near the new sea cliff bridge).

As you can probably tell from my flickr stream that over the last week I have been out shooting multiple times each week. This is just really a great outlet for me and with some great weather and wanting to get out more, what better way to spend it. I am increasingly growing fond of the 10 stop filter I picked up and I think it will be a regular feature in most of my location specific shoots.

I had suggested the idea of Kiama Lighthouse after seeing a very inspirational shot of it at dusk. I had never been to the lighthouse at night time and was curious as to whether or not the Lighthouse with a backdrop of star trails could be achieved. Unfortunately it is so well lit and visible at night that it is not in fact possible. Perhaps a composite shot with the lighthouse placed in the foreground would be possible. None the less I will have to get down there for a sunset one day… it was a great part of the world and the blow hole is fantastic!
Onwards from Kiama a couple of sleepy cards headed back north to Coalcliff which is between Sydney and Wollongong on the coast (just south of the Royal National Park).

Dan suggested this spot after seeing a few inspirational shots and I tell you what, it is an amazing location. It is a large rock platform that stretches out into the sea. There are large boulders within the platform and big rocky façade that surrounds the platform which the ocean crashes into with much enthusiasm. It was a low tide so we had lots of space to move about on the platform which was nice, after initially heading up the end I decided to head back to find an isolated rock.

I then ventured out to near where the waves were breaking and set up shot.. I am still editing some photos but I am quite happy with a long exposure I took right on sunrise.. I was wet up to my thighs if that is any reference to how deep it got.

I think it has a lot of potential and I would like to get further around to the edges of the rock platform. I cant believe how many fisherman that were out (I lost count at 20 in the dim light) and it was hard to avoid having them in shot. Still.. I think this might be a new favourite.. however perhaps better suited for winter when the long drive can be done at a more respectable hour.
Many more updates this week I hope as I have been a busy lad.
Till next time..


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