Ivo Rowe Pool Sunrise

A couple of weeks ago I decided to get down to a spot I have been meaning to check out before work. The beauty of living so close to the beach is my new ability to make it out for sunrises… just need the extra motivation. This morning I decided to head out besides the cloud sitting on the horizon. The main reason for my expedition was knowing a big swell was rolling through, and this place would mostly be safe/accessible and hopefully rather exciting. What a morning it was.. with my first 10+ minute extreme long exposure and my first mixing of digital and film sunrise photography.

It certainly didn’t disappoint with the waves crashing over the rock platform upon my arrival. I am cautious of places I have been many times before, so heading to a new location with a big swell meant I spent a long time monitoring from the top of the stairs before I ventured below. It was wet.. there was a lot of sea spray and the rock cliff behind was more like a waterfall from the runoff water of the park above. I hugged the bottom of the stairs so i could make a hasty exit before moving further out towards the rock pool to begin shooting. The morning was blue.. so very blue and my photos are representative of this. I love these types of morning.. it is calming and gloomy at the same time. I hadnt shot a morning like this before, most of the time I would just roll back over in bed but I was after a certain type a shot. A long exposure that has a smooth sky, a smooth ocean and a serene view to contrast other shots in the series which will show it is far from that. So what do you do while you wait for a 10minute exposure to finish? You whip out your film camera of course!

Now this was actually using the rock floor as a tripod as I am not yet carrying too.. I think the time will come where I choose digital OR film.. but I am not at this stage yet. I still have the trust Nikon D3 that Daniel has kindly lent me for a couple of months. This is in fact the second last roll that will go through this camera whilst in my possession.. and soon it will be time to find my own. It is Fuji Reala 100 35mm film and it expired in mid 2008. Its grainy.. its blue and its a good reflection of what it was like that morning in a shorter scope. The bigger waves were crashing over that chain in a rush of white water. One of the great views of the morning was the rolling reflection of the pool and the posts that rest at the sea’s edge. I think this place has a lot of potential and I am going to make an effort to visit it a few times this winter.

This image I have processed in black and white to give a raw feeling of the morning and the swell. Mahon Pool (5min down the road) must have been going big! But after my last visit in big swell I decided I shouldn’t overstay my welcome.
One of my next ventures will be into Medium Format film.. with a Yashica 124g or similar (6×6 TLR) camera. I am sure ill blog this as soon as I get my hands on one though. Still quite a lot of information backlogged to blog.. ill get there. Thank you for your patience.

Till next time..

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