An Afternoon Scouting Mission..

Scouting locations for potential shoots is no easy task. You can potentially shoot anywhere dependent on the conditions, but having some favourite places with ideas and known ways to execute shots can add a whole new dimension to the final result. A lot of people look at photos and may not in fact think about the time spent in being able to create that shot. Not only does it take time with the styling of the shot itself, the accumulation of the gear, the scheduling of the subjects, the years of learning the skills.. but the countless hours in planning locations.

After another sunrise at the Mahon Pool,  Daniel and I had decided to take a trip around the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney for some new spots to shoot potential fashion, beauty and couple styled shoots.

So off in the car we go.. quite happy on this day as it was actually a very hot summer day… (we just finished a heat wave.. I am SO glad that is over). Driving around the eastern suburbs with a few locations in mind in the late afternoon. Ideally when looking for a location you are looking for a combination of elements that will work together as one.

  • Foreground Interest
  • Background Interest
  • Interesting Light
  • Ease of Access (Cant have couples climbing through mangroves or over boulders now)
  • Ability to adapt for conditions (Overcast, Sunny day, Cloudy afternoon)
  • Unique

One of the trickiest things of course is finding a location that ticks all of these boxes. I would say in fact the best locations might have a few variety’s of the above in the same vicinity. The bonus of this is the short distance between setup/shoot locations. The ability to easily manouver props, gear and lighting and of course having a range of shots in a range of positions that give you more than one look or choice.

So we did find indeed a couple of spots which work for Summer, but how will they adapt and change in the winter months? Will local council or developments change these locations? These are all interesting things to note and consider when choosing a location. We have in fact shot a couple at one of the newly scouted locations and the results are promising. This will be one of my next blog posts but it inspired some thought that I would put forwards to people that read my blog.

But where too next? I know Sydney fairly well and it feels like even though there is so much around, there is so little that ticks these unique specifics that make a good location. A couple of places I am yet to scout include.. Cabbage Tree Bay, Clifton Gardens, Balmoral Beach, Wattamolla in the Royal National Park, Bicentennial Park Homebush and a couple of other Harbour locations.

So indeed I put it to you, what are some of your most favourite locations in Sydney? Where are they? And what makes them so special?

Till next time..


  • Dan

    One more criteria. A location without extreme mountain bike riders who’ll run over photography gear lol.

    February 9, 2011
  • Bahaha.. yes!

    What an asshat.. unbelievable. Someone should tell him to go and find a MOUNTAIN.

    February 9, 2011
  • Nicole Wells

    Hey guys, have you thought about May Lane in St Peters for shoots? It has some awesone grafitti art you can use for background interest and it’s right next to the station. You get a few people walking through, but when I went there on a Sunday I think, it was pretty quiet.

    February 17, 2011
  • Hey Nicole,

    Yep.. such a great spot (my parents place is right by).. just need the right stylist/themed shoot to suit the place.. would definitely love to do it though.

    February 19, 2011

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