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A capture from Saturday morning and my expendition to the Mahon Pool near Maroubra. I checked this spot out before hand, for a little while (had been in the area for a while) to see if any big sets or waves had come up high.. it looked clear so I ventured down onto the plat form below. There was another tog further along the platform, but probably 5m further back from where I was.

3rd wave, bang this big sucker! I captured it good, and the camera gear was fine (just resulted in me being wet). But it is a reminder to all out there to be vigilant! Never turned your back on the sea (not even for a moment) and be prepared to skedaddle out of there if required.

Processing some more shots from the morning and will post about it soon.. more stormy coming up as well! I left him at work for a few days and missed out on some photo ops, im thinking he will be getting his Octoberfest on very soon!

Till next time..


  • Totally agree. Another tip is to only take what you absolutely must use to get the photo. Not good if you’re out there with your backpack on the ground and gear everywhere, because A) you’ll loose it when hit by a freak wave, and B) if you’re hit by a freak wave, some people’s reaction will be to try and save their gear.
    Wear a vest if you’ve got to take lots of gear out! 😛

    September 13, 2010
  • Most definitely agree with this Carl. I always leave my bag high and dry, there is a level of comfort with other togs, someone better not steal my shit! In this case I can also not recommend to leave things in your back pocket!

    September 16, 2010

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