Week 19 – Drifter

I picked up and carried this bit of wood around 50m from further down the beach. I dont think it quite worked this morning as the sky didnt really come to the party (and I was using a borrowed D700 and didnt have my filters). None the less you can see the effect I was aiming for with the wood.

This was my first visit to Maroubra Beach (well the South End) as I normally head to the Mahon Pool on the north side of the beach. The South end doesnt have much going on by the look of it, but at a medium tide there are lots of interesting rock formations that come out to play. I will visit once again before summer comes around and the sun skews around towards the South again. Quite exciting having areas of Sydney that are favoured at different times of the year. This is beneficial as a lot of the local beaches face slightly south.. which is a summer time trajectory where the northern beaches lend themselves to the winter trajectory.. the advantage? Well during winter you can leave at 5am! in summer you have to leave at 3 – 4am to get there ┬áin time!

I have thought about it a lot, I want to share more of my seascaping information so I may put together some hints and tips on here, but I am also looking to formulate my own seascape workshop for people to attend.. quite exciting.

Till next time..


  • Hmm, back to waking up at 3am for sunrise … haha. It’s gonna take some practice.

    August 29, 2011
  • Haha yep.. we just need to be near where the pies at!

    August 29, 2011

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