Gordons Bay Sunset at 10 Stops

Just a quick blog post to let you know I am indeed alive and well. A lot has been going on this month.. with my commitment and progress in assisting Daniel K Cheung taking another step forwards I am finding a lot of my spare time is spent editing photos! Never fear.. it means that there is lots to blog.. just in abundance and hopefully with not much missed.

So if you have been living under a rock this past month or so you would not know that around the 19th of March we had the moon closest to earth since 1993 (on rise/set). With my housemate and Rose in tow we headed down to a new spot (well its all new local spots to me) to try and catch the moonrise on the horizon. Unfortunately.. like it had done before (on the day) and since the weather didnt play ball. I did however get a chance to get out my 10 stopper for a quick shoot. 3 shots.. all around the 3 – 5minute mark and thats all she wrote (it bucketed down for 12hours straight not long after this0. This location is Gordons bay and is just north of Coogee Beach. I like the way the sides are framed and the boats are a great reference point.. ill be keeping an eye out on the sun trajectory as I believe this has some sunrise potential in the very near future.

?A few things to note.. film film and more film will be posted up as well as some wedding work and some of my own projects. I am forseeing a big April in terms of postings so get your RSS feeds ready.

Till next time..

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