Shrimp Shrimp Shrimp!

You talkin to me?

You talkin to me?

I keep shrimp as pets! Yes, little funky giant sea monkey type shrimp. They are Red Cherry Shrimp more info here.

I havent had them long, but they are a freshwater species. The females go the bright cherry red where the males are more clear with red veins and paler red colouring.

They are quite adaptive to their habitat, and lucky for me the darker the substrate (tank base) you have, the deeper more pronounced colour the shrimps turn.

At this stage they are yet to breed, but I am keeping them at around 25 degrees C and with a mix of males and females I am hoping they start breeding in the near future.

This was a first time for shooting my new little nano tank, and the first time ever with my D90.. infact.. it was the first time I have used my 50mm1.8D since i picked it up over 2 years ago.. quite happy with the pics however it is really hard to get tripod access due to where the tank is.

Ill just have to keep practicing.

Anyway, hope you enjoy 🙂

Till next time…

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