Fuji Neopan 400 & Roll One

Welcome to Fuji Neopan 400.. a nice B&W film with a great grain.. and wow it has exceeded all the stories ive been told! I actually have around 5 rolls of this stuff at home.. waiting to be shot. I love the way it handles the grain and the contrast and it doesnt mind being shot at ISO800. A lot of people go to Neopan as their daily B&W film and I can definitely see why. I have also shot a roll of Neopan 1600 but I have yet to see the results (am hanging out).

I shot this roll actually over about 2 months but the last half of the roll was shot very quickly to finish it up. Whilst I had the Nikon F3 in my possession it was my go too 35mm film camera for weddings etc due to being able to swap my general lenses over. My heart still stays with the Olympus OM-1 though (which is what was used for this roll). The light meter and the ability to easily frame and shoot with the OM-1 makes it a lot of fun.. and a great entry level film camera. Its all mechanical.. with the only electronics being the light meter so you arent always reliant on A modes or electronics to get you buy. My one gripe would be the roll back switch on the OM-1.. which you have to turn (rather than a button press) and hold otherwise it will catch your film and.. well.. this can lead to film tearing if you noob it up enough.
I intend on using a quite a bit of Neopan 400 this winter for some street photography in Sydney.. it might not be the best city but im convinced I can get some classic shots to add to my collection. I had grand plans for doing a bit of landscape work with the OM-1 but I think I will now leave that to the Yashica. This roll covers a birthday party, a random cat in a tree from sunrise down the south coast, a centennial park scouting trip, the zombie lurch in Hyde Park (which I posted earlier in the week) and some street shooting in China town from early April.

You can view the rest of the set here.

Till next time..

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