Introducing the Yashicamat 124g

The whattamat what? No I am not spraying jibberish.. it is the name of my new Medium Format Film Camera. The next big step in my photography journey is to a 6×6 Twin Lens Reflex Film camera.. where you focus by looking into the top and you crank your film on by winding a handle. Too much you say? Well after spending years gawking at my dad’s beautiful Rolleiflex he has at home I decided that I must follow in his foot steps. So how does it work? Well perhaps this should be saved for a time when it isnt loaded with film and I can take some shots for you. Ill also spare you the intricate details of Medium Format and how a TLR works for then but for now.. why did i grab one of these?

Well to touch on it quickly basically for the size, the look and for the use of the camera. The 80mm 3.5 lens is great for portrait work and should allow me to setup some epic scenes for fashion, beauty and wedding/engagement sessions. I am thinking big and in looking to start developing C41 myself at home, I think that I found the right camera at the right time. The sheer resolution of the images as well as the sharpness and the close focus ability (even in low light) is phenomenal. Now I just need to get some batteries for my light meter :)

Just a quick sample.. I have taken my first couples shots with the camera and I am very impressed. I look foward to putting up the Engagement Session with Erin and Adi very soon and sharing the Yashica & Medium Format love. Will write up and get photos of the camera as soon as I finish the current roll inside.

Till next time..


  • Next step, a Hasselblad ;)

    April 14, 2011
  • George.. shhh you cant say that.

    Although I was looking at some of the Mamiya.. haha what else is in a decent price range :P RB67?

    April 14, 2011

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