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1. A tender feeling toward another; fondness. See Synonyms at love.
2. Feeling or emotion.

I could probably expand that list to about 1000.. but ill leave it at 2. Affection is a very personal matter and done differently by every couple. A quick glance across a room, a small smile that catches your eye, a touch of the shoulder… behind closed doors, in plain view or screaming it from the rooftops. The way this affection is shared between two people is very personal.. but when it is so abundant it bubbles through the personality of two people it is the recipe for some very emotive photography. Introducing Paul + Peta.. an amazing couple that Daniel K Cheung asked me to assist him shooting. I think the photos speak for themselves and capture perfectly the way they show affection for each other.

Our afternoon started at the Royal Botanical Gardens entrance at The Conservatorium of Music in Sydney. I had not shot this location, although Daniel had done a lot of scouting in the gardens previously as its a great spot to do a series of Engagement style shoots. So what is the typical thing you will see from an Engagement shoot? Well basically a range of shots that shows the couple interacting as if nobody else is in the room. Obviously this is no easy task and where setting the scene and comfort level is important. Paul and Peta were fantastic.. instantly getting into the groove and confidently enjoying each other’s company as if nobody else was there. Even though my priority is an assistant, Daniel was kind enough to let me shoot at the different locations within the park and I have some shots I am very happy with.

And that is my take on the session.. they really are a lovely couple.

Please take some time to check out the;

Full Gallery of the Engagement Shoot by Daniel K Cheung.

I would like to give a big thanks to Daniel for giving me the opportunity to Assist him for this shoot. I have some other posts to share over the coming weeks but I have been too busy to blog! I will try my best.. this includes some engagement and wedding shots.. but on film!

Till next time..

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