My 2010 Reflections..

My 2010 in Photos from Jack Chauvel on Vimeo.

So let’s take a walk back through 2010… it was an interesting year and ill spend some time within the next week and post MY personal favourite photos of 2010 and why. It has been well over 18 months since my galavanting throughout Europe. It feels like it was just yesterday.. and I would love to go again in the near future 🙂

2010 saw me take my photography to a new personal level. I say personal because it is all relative to me and how I have progressed. To many others I would hope you can see my improvements, but also the creation of my own style. I also felt that I definitely begun to move outside my initial comfort zone (landscapes) and try something new.. with mixed results. Mixed being my choice of words because whilst I feel I grabbed some amazing shots, I also feel like I am now pushing myself to a higher standard.. partially due to the way friends like Daniel Cheung, Rob Gjessing, Alex Wise and George Miskovski have all pushed me to think more about my shots.. how they are composed.. how they are cropped.. how they are processed and what story I am trying to tell through them.

So what milestones did I accomplish in 2010?… let’s take a trip down memory lane.


  • Processed my entire Europe trip into albums ready for a photobook
  • Assisted my first Wedding Shoot
  • Assisted my first Model/Fashion Shoot
  • Got up for sunrise 8 Saturdays in a row.. even though they werent the best mornings..
  • Got my camera bag wet no less than 3 times whilst shooting at the beach
  • Tried and failed at Off Camera Flash
  • Met some amazing photographers and made some great new friends
  • Obtained a 17-55mm 2.8 which hurt my bank account but gave me instant street cred and I instantly fell in <3
  • Was given my first film camera and had my  first two rolls processed
  • Ordered my first 4 prints on canvas
  • Completed my Stormy Stormtrooper Project 52
  • Tried street photography and capture some nice shots
  • Tried long exposures.. again.. and again.. and again.. and finally I think I have the knack
  • Realised the key to a good photography sessions is BBQ Chicken Rolls and Red Lea Chips from Cabramatta
  • Was asked to assist on further weddings in 2011.. which much joy
  • Obtained my first ongoing photography job which is due to start soon (first quarter 2011)
  • Gained a lot of knowledge for myself, and hopefully passed on some of that good knowledge to fellow enthusiasts & beginners
  • Gained the respect of fellow photographers (I hope)
  • Travelled to different parts of Australia and captured some wonderful images
  • Planned to travel to new parts of Australia to capture more wonderful images
  • Understand myself better as a photographer

And well that is where Ill leave that for now.. I have a lot more planned for 2011… a lot more themed shots.. a lot more camera time and I just hope you keep on reading and enjoying. I am still looking at a website change, that is amongst my goals of 2011… but there shall be a post about 2011 in the not too distant future (well I hope so.. since it already is 2011)

Till next time..

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  • Epic year. Here’s to an even bigger 2011. 🙂

    January 4, 2011

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