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Not a quiet week, just a busy one :)

A blog post without any photos? What is going on you might say! Well I am stuck in a bit of a conundrum :) At this point in time I am enjoying blogging and sharing my photographic escapades a lot more than I realised! I feel that I am slightly let down by my website.. which is hard for me to say since I wrote it myself. I like the front page, and the way it is simple with my latest blogs displayed, however I am lacking that portfolio and gallery section that I desire. My other qualm is the fact my blog theme is different to my site, now my blog does link back directly to the site and works as if it was just another page within, but I feel that it lacks the flow I want.. where it fits in perfectly with my theme.

So i have now come to a crossroads.. do I look at moving my entire site over to a Photoblog theme WordPress setup… a site that has a front page with the latest blog posts and some feature images and galleries for people to look at. Or do I give making my own theme a bash, and converting the blog page into an integrated website.. or even better.. making wordpress theme based around my current site/look at feel.

I never usually shy away from a challenge, it is the time sink I am worried about.. I do spend a lot of time looking into new coding styles and website integrations. Reading through tutorials and blog posts and guides.. but the time sink is in the finer details. I can build you a site, I can get it 95% there but I always find that 5% takes 95% longer than the rest of the site!

My plans are to integrate the Fotomoto service into my new site too, so that people can order some prints from my portfolio if they wish… it has its ups and downs but I would love people to simply have the option. Why? Well .. I dont really know why you would want to have some of my photos on your wall but it seems that quite a few of you do! And whilst my blog and site is still a fledgling in the size and numbers of visitors I receive… I get enough now to think that perhaps people like my ramblings.. or like the way I show you how someone who is really still such a novice breaks into new styles, and new adventures. It is pretty fun, I think I have somewhat of an eye for Photography and I would like to share it a lot more. It all comes back to time doesnt it…

I might make up a new blog post soon about ideas for guides/tutorials.. what would you like to see? Where would you like to go? Suggestion a location perhaps? And i can go and capture my view of the spot (perhaps only in Sydney.. unless you shout me the airfare :D )

So my faithful few readers.. what do you think? To change or not to change?

Till next time..

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P.S – If you can actually offer me a hand in taking my site/blog to where I want it to be, I would be eternally grateful!


  • Change. It’s fun putting a new website together. I love looking through themes and hacking at code. Good times. :)

    The main point is to get what you want so if you’re not happy with the direction of this site, go for it.

    December 8, 2010
  • Good q. It’s hard to find a theme that is going to do everything out of the box for you. If you think you have the skills to make something that I’d say go it. Or save a lot of hassle and consider spending a bit of money and getting one that suits your needs. I’ve pretty much given up on free themes as most are too basic.

    December 9, 2010
  • Hey Alex,

    Yes I think you really hit the nail on the head there… that WPLocker site has put me onto some good themes but I am thinking maybe Ill just cough up some cash and get something more solid, more indepth and something that will be updated by the publisher (maybe a Rockettheme). Worth a try.. unless I hone my skills and give it a bash. I have nothing to lose.. my main thing is I dont want downtime whilst Im testing stuff out.. maybe I need to make a dummy WP install somewhere.

    I also cant seem to get my wordpress account done right, unless I have to make a new one where I can post on other people’s blogs with the account but it refers back to this blog, mainly I think because I had something registered .wordpress before but now that Im using an FTP install through fantastico and my host… it seems a bit different. Cant go posting as Admin everywhere lol.. and it wont let me get a gravatar!

    December 9, 2010
  • Hey George,

    Yeah I agree I have always had a ball, ive dived into the world of editing wordpress themes before.. just becomes slightly painful and tbh even getting the CSS right for my current site drove me bonkers lol! Yeah I really like the layout of your blog, I like my site now but I want a gallery/portfolio but really and a blog that is seemless.. time to get out the text editor me thinks.

    December 9, 2010
  • George

    I found one last night. I’m playing around with it now. I like it so much I’m going to start my own. haha. Hit me up on msn tonight and I’ll show you.

    December 9, 2010

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