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BTS - Daniel K Cheung in Action

BTS - Daniel K Cheung in Action

So how does it all come together? I thought I would make a quick post just to show how it all comes together, from behind the camera. Each final image usually has a lot more of time put into it that the average viewer would think. Sure it may be taken in a flurry of shots amongst a day.. but it then gets imported, makes the first cut, makes the second cut, receives and edit.. then a touch up.. then a review.. then an export and finally an upload. I would hate to think on average the time spent on getting just one image from the shutter button to the online album!

In my shooting I haven’t shot behind the scenes much before, but I am increasingly liking the candid side of these shots… just to show the kind of times (early morning), weather, danger (waves), light, locations and general effort that is put in by the photographer to bring out some of the best shots that people get to enjoy.

This is just one of my good friend Daniel K Cheung at Ben + Kat’s wedding this past Saturday. I have a few more from the day I will include in the final wedding album, but I will definitely aim to show you a little bit more of what is going on behind the camera.

Me @ Sunrise - Shot by Campbell Simpson

Me @ Sunrise - Shot by Campbell Simpson

Here is a shot of me at Coogee in the very early hours of March 2010 (6:15am I think).. I had gotten up at 4:00am… made some tea.. checked my gear and made the tired old drive to the beach with Pantera blaring to get me up. Was it worth it? Hell yeah! This has given me one of my most favourite shots to date which you can see below (albeit perhaps a little while after the shot was taken of me).

Coogee Sunrise HDR

Coogee Sunrise HDR

I look forward to bringing you the rest of the Wedding set later this week.

Till next time..

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