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A wonderful opportunity and my first Wedding styled photo shoot took place on Tuesday this past week. Thank you to my good friend Daniel K Cheung for the opportunity to be his assistant and 3rd shooter for the day. I also had the pleasure of meeting Zakari Kha who was the 2nd shooter for the day.

The couple (as per the title) are Adam and Kitty, who had their wedding in China a little while ago and had recently come to Australia (day before). So this is a Post-Wedding shoot, with the couple wanting photos in Australia.. with the colours, feel and landmarks to make up part of their wedding album.

So we set off in the hot Tuesday sun.. perfect for the day (not so much the photography) but taking into consideration the amount of rain recently we faired very well. The plan was to hit multiple Sydney locations over a lunch time -> dinner time period; with a variety of shots, lighting and backdrops. I learnt very early on in the day that my gear was a restriction, with isolation being key with the subject matter, I utilised the trusty Nikon 50mm 1.8 on my D90 and it stayed there for the rest of the day.

First stop La Perouse, where we hit a few spots around the main area and down on the rocks… this is a lovely spot by difficult and times of the day with the harsh sun and little cloud cover.

We then moved over to Hyde Park/St Mary’s Cathedral.. where it seems people dont realise standing BEHIND the couple whilst they are having their photo taken agitates the photographers.. felt like traffic control officer at some points.

We headed over to Observatory Hill and then moved down to the Rocks.. to capture the rest of the afternoon light in numerous locations. After many many hours of walking and shooting we finally finished up on the steps of the Opera House before adjourning to the Lowenbrau for a Beer and a Pork Knuckle.

I thought I would keep the chatter short and the photos abundant to just show how the conditions changed as well as the effort put in by the photographers and the couple to capture different positions in different places. It was a great deal of fun, and an experience im very happy to have had! Shooting people is much harder than shooting static landscapes (in my eyes).. but I am only new to it.

I hope ive shown the commitment and skill to be asked back! I would like to thank Daniel again very much for the opportunity, and I am sorry for saying it so many times 🙂

I would appreciate if you did check out the rest of the series, I have chosen a variety of shots to make up the final set for the day.

You can find the full set here.

Hope you enjoy..

Till next time..

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