Amsterdam. Trams, Dams, Frites, Mayo.. All things DUTCH!

Lone Bike

Lone Bike

Stop number… six on Euro Trip 09 is Amsterdam.. known for it’s colourful history, architecture, culture and people.. this amazing city had been very well hyped up.. and it didnt fail to deliver. Unfortunately in terms of photography, I was inspired but I think I failed to capture what I saw (whilst i retain all my memories, unlike most people’s visits to Amsterdam).. i certainly did find it to be a magical place.

Bikes, as indicated by the first photo is definitely one major part of Amsterdam life and culture.. they are everywhere.. they have right of way.. they scare the bejebus out of you! We headed around on one of the bike tours offered by New Europe and it was a great way to see a lot of the city in a short amount of time. We actually chose a beautiful day as well, which was handy.. but I decided against taking the camera due to logistics, and boy I was sorry after wards 🙁

So what to do in Amsterdam? Well everyone says go visit the coffee shop.. and what does that look like? Well here is one method of coffee.. Amsterdam style (wow it is really coffee ;))

And what do you eat? Well Chips and Mayo of course!.. ok well we were on a backpacker budget and food in Amsterdam is certainly not cheap! One of the best (and also claims to be the best) Chip shops in the world we found on Damrak between Dam Square and the railway station. Infact.. i think we ate there twice in a row (within an hour of each other).

Chips & Mayo

Chips & Mayo

Of course.. I should say Frites but im sure you can overlook that part of this article. There is just so much to do and see.. Amsterdam has beautiful parks.. the Vondelpark and Flevopark as well as the gorgeous canals that surround the center of town.

We ventured into the Heineken Brewery Tour, Van Gough Gallery, Windmill Brewery & Bar and we walked past the Anne Frank Huis.



So why did I leave the red light district to last you might say? Well.. what more can be said.. what an interesting and colourful part of the town.. but one I certainly wouldnt take my camera to. If you actually were able to manage to take a decent photo between the drunken bucks parties or people sniggering at the talent in the window.. then the bouncers might jump out and kindly relieve you of that burden you call a camera.

All in all a very photogenic place, and somewhere I would like to spend time to really capture some amazing photos in the future. I leave you with a shot from the platform, around 6am .. the day we left for Berlin.. and the place I will write about next.



As usual you can view the full set here.

Till next time..


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