Week 27 – 695

Up and over 11 minutes we go! This morning was.. pretty damn miserable ill have to admit. The colour to the left didnt really do anything with the passing cloud as I had hoped… and the big black clouds looming on the right rained on Sydney for the rest of the day (yay…)

Still this morning was to meetup with another photographer who was up in Sydney on a business trip and could sneak out for a sunrise. He liked the location, but still .. the elements didnt really work with him here. In fact the last 2 or 3 sunrises I have been on has been mainly about meeting other photographers to catchup, shoot the breeze and shoot some film (which I did on this morning). For me the social side of photography is a big motivatator.. and I really hope to get out shooting with some more of my buddies in the near future.

What is hard though is I have made so many buddies abroad! Many in the US & Canada which hopefully.. one day ill be able to do a road trip over there and meet a few of them 🙂

Only around 8 weeks behind now.. so as the rest get published it will move back down to one per week.. like it was intended!

Till next time..

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