Week 26 – Mahon Clouds

Another morning at the Mahon Pool.. I say ill get sick of this place but I dont think I ever will.. soo much possibility..

The problem with sunrise/seascape photography is that it is always a battle against the elements.. and you have to go time and time again until everything is just right. This morning was actually a bore.. it was cloudy.. it was cold.. it was wet and it wasnt very inspiring at all. Its actually the same morning from Week 16 of my project… but that is OK they are totally their own images.. and you probably wouldnt have put 2 and 2 together without me anyway 🙂

One thing I have noticed as a photographer is that as your style & tastes change that you see locations in a new light. I am starting to see some places I have shot a few times in a completely different way.. but in other ways I have also identified that I have somewhat tunnel visioned myself into a few key locations, rather than trying some spots on the spur of the moment.

All areas of improvement.. really been missing my chances to shoot seascapes.. I am thinking about adopting my Friday pre-work sunrise again. When this post goes live ill in fact ill be driving down to Melbourne (hopefully just arriving) to shoot a wedding. I have a few things queued but will do my best to stay vocal with you all.

Till next time..

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