Jamie at North Coogee

I have been throwing around the idea of doing Model Monday posts.. of models I shoot. I don’t shoot enough yet to warrant the name however, but we will see how we go 🙂 I have begun casting calls and contacting numerous models to lineup shoots.

So far it has been a bit hit and miss.. with some people getting back to me and others being quite flakey.. Jamie however has been upfront and easy to work with so we got our first shoot together and I must say I was very pleased with how it went at a new location, North Coogee Headland.

You will have seen me blog about this place only recently, and it works very well with the elevation and the way the sun is setting at the moment. The light lasts until the golden hour fades into the blue hour of shooting. The shoot was done all in natural light. As a set, I feel it doesnt work quite as well as the individual shots. This is mainly due to the time we shot (over a couple of hours) in diminishing light, with a mixture of shooting with the sun behind Jamie and him facing in a direction towards the setting sun.

Jamie has little experience but we broke the ice very well, talking a lot and getting into the groove. It helped me relax into directing him and this was definitely a great way to establish a good rapport for our future shoots. By the time this post goes live we should have completed our second shoot.. at Centennial Park. We are also working on a collaboration shoot to take place in late August which I am looking forward too, exploring some themes, a new location and using two models.

Personally I am happy with the results, but can definitely see where I can improve. I’ll discuss some more of the technical aspects as to why down the track, perhaps with a post about directing and achieving specific results when using natural light.. but for now.. just enjoy it for what it is.

Big thanks again to Jamie.. check his profile out on Model Mayhem.

Till next time..

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