Week 25 – Circular Quay Panorama

I have been looking forward to sharing this shot from the project as it was a lot of fun to put together and whilst I think I can make improvements.. I was happy with the first try. This is my first long exposure panorama, with 8 shots which were shot at f8 @ 60seconds (or there abouts) on the Cahill Expressway looking over Circular Quay in Sydney.

It is quite a tricky task, with light changing and camera angle/direction meaning light fall off is different but I think it works well. I tried to capture the range of shots as the boats came/left and moved about in the quay. For an added bonus of difficulty.. the expressway moves a tiny bit with all the traffic (+ trains underneath) so there is a chance you will get some slight shake or softness introduced to the photo.. but I couldnt see any.

I would love to do a few more panoramas such as this over the summer months.. as the sunsets get longer and it gives me some more time to execute them the way I want. In the end it will come down to location, and whilst I love Sydney I find it quite hard to find any really great panorama locations of different subject matter.. since these pivotal landmarks always seem to be featured in one way or another. Another challenge perhaps?

Definitely view this large! (Just click the image and the lightbox will do the rest for you).

Till next time..

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