New Location.. North Coogee Headland

Sydney is an amazing city to live in.. as is any city that you grow up in and have a fondness for. Unlike many Sydneysiders I have actually explored a lot of the greater area due to my job and willingness to explore/scout. Adding locations for working on concepts (whether it is pre-wedding photos, bridal photos, fashion shoots or even seascapes) can add a change and variety to your work which keeps things fresh. More importantly, as a photographer it also keeps it interesting and fun to try new locations and have them ‘just work’.

This particular spot is North Coogee, and basically at the end of my street. The north headland on Coogee has a variety of backdrops.. with the potential for seascapes down at the natural ocean pool and further potential for people shots up on the headland, along the coast or in the nearby park. The elevated size of the headland means it captures the afternoon light, as well as giving good access to shoot into the sun/away from the sun or move to a protected area to make use of the afternoon diffused sky.

On this particular day I caught a glimpse of what was looking like a solid sunset, with some interesting colours developing. As I had not yet shot this place, I decided to head down and try some long exposures whilst looking for spots for a potential shoot I was lining up (and have now completed there, but more about Jamie next time). Unfortunately the colours started to fizzle as I arrived and it wasnt quite my day (forgot my remote at home, and spare cable release).. but guess what? Surf’s UP! The waves were massive.. crashing in against the ocean pool and flinging themselves upwards of 10m in the air. Very impressive.. actually very intimidating and having not been there before I kept my distance (for once :)). The light diminished fairly quickly and I had a mixed bag of shots. Turns out one of my first shots looking up towards Clovelly struck a cord with me well.. and I did a 2:1 crop to balance the lines in the frame.

This is the other frame I got, down on the stairs of the ocean pool looking South East towards Lurline Bay. Even at 4 seconds the rush of water was enough to capture the regular flows plus the mist. It captures something I dont normally get.. I am usually at either end of the scale.. very long or 1/2 second exposure. This also is a single shot, which I have balanced the sky to match the exposure of the foreground. The colours and lights on the headland work for me, where as I kind of wish the water of the bay there was a bit smoother.. I cant go and argue with mother nature now can I?

So yes.. the scout went well and Ill be back for a sunrise this summer (when the Sun rises in the ESE). I have already been here for a shoot, and I am glad I scouted first.. I looked like I knew what I was doing and where I was going!

Till next time..

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