The Churning Waters of Turimetta Beach

I took this photo all the way back in June! And I havent shared…

I know I know why not? Well I was stuck in a bit of a rut back in June and July.. feeling that my processing was being undone. Not a sense of laziness.. not a sense of unhappiness but a feeling that I could get ‘more’ out of my photos. Two good friends of mine, Alex Wise and Toan got me onto the right track by giving me a friendly push in the right direction.

Alex video’d himself editing a picture from this same spot, giving me a comprehensive view of things I could ‘do’ to help get my photos to where I want them to be. This was a massive help for someone like myself, who always enjoyed bolstering shots with editing, but never detracting away from the natural feel or essence of what you are looking at.

One of the trickiest things to describe to people about shooting in the morning is the changing light. The light changes so rapidly that you have shifts in colour, white balance, luminosity and reflections. This isnt even taking into account the effect the equipment you use can have.. including colour casts from filters, abnormalities in lenses and bodies used and how the image data is collected and reproduced into a digital image by your camera.

Toan helped by putting into perspective for me that processing is a personal feel, and only you will really know once the image is complete. Sometimes it will work,  sometimes it wont.. but editing each image based on it’s own merit will get you as close to being happy with your work as possible.

Pretty smart words, pretty smart friends.. glad they helped me out. Since then I have been much happier with my processing style.. even adding some new elements I had not previously been using in my work. I have then been able to take some of these skills over to my new film shots.. and this is helping me in many ways. SO how do I process? Well I hope too add snippets as guides to this blog over time. On average however I would say I would spend between 20mins to 1 hour per shot.. and even then sometimes they dont make the cut.

Till next time..

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