Week 20 – All The Small Things

Not the usual type of shot I would normally consider with a 10 stop filter, but once I saw this shot in my lightroom catalog I just knew it had to be part of the project. This shot, even though it is short in exposure time is possible purely because of the 10 stopper. The sun is just breaching the cloud mass on the horizon point which usually results in a bright and undefinable mess. Thankfully with a little bit of diffusion from the cloud, and the trusty 10 stopper on the lens I was able to get some definition in the sun as it peaked over, as well as some smooth flow to the ocean and sand below me. It was a wild morning this, with the tide too large for us to venture out towards the ocean pool we went all the way to Mona Vale for specifically. What I love about this shot is the light, and the glow on the sand and the water.. I also like the transition from the sand to the water as it churns around.

All the small things refers to the small shell/rock in the bottom right 1/3 of the image. Its resistance against the heavy swell and churning conditions was impressive. I thought about calling it .. resistance is futile since essentially, with enough time the ocean will always win.. and one day it just might.

I hope you have all been following my flickr of late, if not book mark it now! I have been flat out shooting, with lots in store to share with the blog readers.. it is best to view my ongoing efforts on flickr.

Thank you for your ongoing support and I hope you are enjoying the photos.

Till next time..

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