Avalon Sunrise in July

I touched on Avalon with a preview of a sunrise in late May, which in fact inspired me to head out later that week back to Avalon to capture another sunrise. Now I havent actually finished editing that sunrise! I am bad no? 🙂 Well I think you would agree that me being out shooting gives me a bit of leeway when it comes to blogging eh? 2 for 2 thus far with fairly nice sunrises on both visits to Avalon allowing for a full and enjoyable morning of shooting. With some nice sprawling cloud this morning really snapped, crackled and popped.

So the follow up to my first journey didnt disappoint and this time I had another posse. I was joined by .. *drumroll* Daniel, Rob, Campbell and later Toan. My method of attracting them to the beach? Pies.. more pies from The Upper Crust. The promise of hot steaming crusty pies to start their Sunday in style. I didnt tell them until we got there that the tide was coming in and the way back up was a steep decent up the side of an almost vertical hill! It didnt come to that though 🙂

I have touched on Avalon before but in a nutshell… the Southern Headland is a few hundred meters long and off the beach. So you walk along past the ocean pool and onto the rocks and you have puhlenty of rock platforms to find your spot. For me.. I like a mixture of water movement. So small rocks/bit rocks/platforms or centralised formations I can focus on grab my attention. I kind of mingled around where I had previously shot on my first visit, but the tide was a fair bit higher so I had to stand probably a good 5 – 10 meters back from where I was before. The amazing thing is the transformation even just that small distance makes. With a different water level and swell type, the rocks look different and I would say one of the only similarities left is the headland jutting out from the left in the majority of my photos.

So what do I look for on a morning when it’s dark, cold and I am wanting to set up for a shoot? Basically it is trial and error, and it is something you catch with your eye as you gain more experience. I have found that once I found my framing technique and general ‘style’ I naturally get a feeling very early on whether or not a shot is working for me. It wont take long, only a few minutes but you have to be willing to make a move/take a chance otherwise potentially end up with shots you just dont like.

Did I ramble again? Well I am sorry.. I didnt mean too 🙂 I have a couple more shots from that morning ill share here. Any others I go back to re-edit will just come as single image blogs. I am going to start transitioning towards that, rather than whole sets as my processing technique has changed and I rarely have a set ready now by the time I want to blog (and it just causes me a backlog argh!)

So hopefully I have a few more up my sleeve and dont visit again so soon for a bit of diversity!

Till next time..


  • Scott Smith

    Great shots Jack. Love them all.

    August 4, 2011
  • Thank you very much Scott 🙂

    I have really been enjoying sharing my shots.. just wish I had the internet at home to be up to date! Got a lot of shots being developed at the moment though 🙂

    August 16, 2011

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