White Bay Power Station Panorama

This great old powerstation is located on the border of Rozelle/Balmain in Sydney, NSW. Just as you get off the Anzac Bridge it is located on the western side of the road and is now heritage listed. A trust that looks after these historical sites have been running open days, and we had access for a Photographer’s day at the plant.. which allowed you to get in there and with restricted access check out the many areas of the power station. Myself and my good friend Toan actually headed here straight after a sunrise.. we have been indeed busy bees!

This panorama is in the Turbine room, which groups were allowed to go into (well a section of the room) for only 20mins at a time.. we were the first group of the day and the queues got up to 1-2hrs! Glad we got in there early.. This ended up being 11 photos stitched together. I had originally taken more to get more of the roof and ceiling but happy with this perspective in the end.

Part of why I have a backlog of things to process and blog is due to shooting a range of film this past 4 -6 weeks. This has resulted in me sitting on rolls of film to develop, and subsequently I have been holding off on blog posts whilst waiting to get the film back. So I will discuss White Bay further over the next month or so, I am expecting to have my negatives in a week.. which then should take me around a week to scan them all! (8 – 9 rolls of film).

This week I hope to blog post the Blueberry Muffins I made (and the recipe) as well as a few sunrises I have done this past month. I am in a bit of a processing rut.. with me wanting to take a further step into some new techniques but struggling to find a nice middle ground where I am happy. The life of a photographer eh?

Till next time..

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