Fuji Superia 400 & Roll One

Well much the same as with my Fuji Neopan 400 post this is the Fuji Superia 400 post. A nicely grained c41 35mm film with some great colours and useability. I found it pretty interesting to shoot with but have had some mix results post development. A few where it seems to have really pushed the film too far and has unusable light/colours and grain. But for the rest of the shots.. I really do like it.

I like the colour accuracy and the grain of this film.. it is a bit different to the Fujicolor 100 which I have finished a few rolls of now. For a higher ISO film it is great.. but I am unsure if it will become my go to film.. id like to experiment with some more 400 c41 colour films before buying some rolls in bulk. I can see that in well lit areas the grain is a lot finer and the tones really shine. This is one of my favourite portraits (even though the subject dislikes it) as its for me a blue steel look but it captures the moment very well. It has the right level of sharpness and the skin looks tops.. The rest of the shots in this set are a bit of a mix.. the first was a long exposure from Mrs Maquaries chair and a few others from a bday party. I have more but they are for an Engagement shoot I have not yet blogged.. infact there are shots from the last couple of blog posts of rolls that I have left out due to not yet blogging couples.. I will do soon!

Till next time..

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