Week 17 – The Cloud Monster

This was a fairly wild morning at a place that is supposed to be a quiet at a lower tide.. but boy does it cop some full on big sets which surprise you! I am always on my guard at this spot, and I still have a lot of exploring to do here. It is the Ivo Rowe pool at South Coogee which is close to my new place. On this morning it looked like it might rain.. but it kind of held off.. so I decided to head out and brave the crisp May morning. There was a bit of cloud on the horizon and it was moving quick, and I figured it was the perfect 10 stop weather.I like the shot it creates a mood which suits the shapes the clouds make well. There is some colour cast (the purple) which I played too a bit when editing the shot. This is getting closer to the type of photography I saw when I first got the 10 stopper.. with long exposures picking up lots of colours and streaky clouds.. I think I am going to have to give sunset 10 stop trips a gamble.

I also shot a bunch of film on this same day just around the pool which was a bit of fun.

Out of all the places each time I have gone to the Ivo Rowe pool I have been the only person there, apart from a woman who comes down with her dog like clockwork every morning for him to have a run/swim. There are some other potential rock formations nearby which I want to explore a bit more, perhaps on a low tide.

Looking forward to more sharing soon.

Till next time..

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