Week 16 – The Ten Stop Fence

And we are back! It is been a busy couple of weeks but finally the moons are aligning… the internet is back on.. I have had a chance to shoot a bucketload of film and finally have the scans coming back in which is always an exciting time for me. So I figured ill kick start the activities with a look at Week 16 of the 10 stop project. I would estimate I am around 7 weeks behind on a week by week count by now.. but that doesnt really phase me.. as the ongoing project will have periods of high activity and low.. I just want to keep some diversity.

This shot is from the same morning of Week 15.. at the Mahon Pool in Maroubra. It was quite a wild morning with the surf.. I have always tried to frame this fence in a way that I really enjoyed for the pool. I love lines.. in my photography lines that lead your eye through the image are a heavy feature I always try to follow. Naturally  I saw the opportunity to have some rigid lines which are man made and how they flow against and with the rock lines which are naturally made.

Black and white had more of an impact here, I hope to get some long exposures one day of this spot with some fast moving clouds and a splash of colour.

I have a few long posts to get together about specific films.. and I must begin working on my guide to c41 processing which I should begin soon as I just placed the last order I need for chemicals. I may or may not have picked up some new camera gear too which is rather exciting!

Till next time..

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