Star Trails.. Hills Hoist.. RIP

Hills Hoist Trails

Hills Hoist Trails

I am back from my trip up the coast.

RIP Robert “Barry” James

As a side I decided to take some photos as a momento and in memory of Barry.. so i decided to take some shots of the epically vast universe beyond our wee little planet. This is a shot I am going to reshoot at some stage in the future.. but I would i would share it now.

This is 3 x 5min exposures stacked in Photoshop using the Script > Stack Images function.

Till next time..



Cookietopia - OCAU Iron Photographer Entry #1 May 2010

I have entered the OCAU ( Iron Photographer Competition for May 2010 and this is #1 of my entries.

I had given this some thought, and ordered the figure from ebay at the start of the month but left it a bit late. TYPICALLY it was much smaller than I first expected, thankfully… my friend Zeb had the great idea of mini cookies!

And so it worked out well :)

I am off for a few days to attend a funeral.. update the blog upon my return.

Till next time..

Shrimp Shrimp Shrimp!

You talkin to me?

You talkin to me?

I keep shrimp as pets! Yes, little funky giant sea monkey type shrimp. They are Red Cherry Shrimp more info here.

I havent had them long, but they are a freshwater species. The females go the bright cherry red where the males are more clear with red veins and paler red colouring.

They are quite adaptive to their habitat, and lucky for me the darker the substrate (tank base) you have, the deeper more pronounced colour the shrimps turn.

At this stage they are yet to breed, but I am keeping them at around 25 degrees C and with a mix of males and females I am hoping they start breeding in the near future.

This was a first time for shooting my new little nano tank, and the first time ever with my D90.. infact.. it was the first time I have used my 50mm1.8D since i picked it up over 2 years ago.. quite happy with the pics however it is really hard to get tripod access due to where the tank is.

Ill just have to keep practicing.

Anyway, hope you enjoy :)

Till next time…

Layer Masking in Photoshop

Hey People,

Following up my last post Alex Wise from posted up a comment regarding one of my fav shots from the morning. You can see this comment here.

IT was in regards to an article he had written about combining two images to form one, a trick which is a good way to use a shot where the sky is exposed correctly, and one where the foreground is exposed correctly. Too often it seems with landscape photography, you have odd light.. odd times and sometimes you have to compromise to what you find best.

Anyway here is the result,

Staring Down the Sun

Staring Down the Sun

This shot has the sky at captured at -1 exposure, and the foreground and +/- 0.

You can find the tutorial by alex here.

Thank you Alex, very much appreciated :)

Till next time…

Photo backup solutions? Carbonite is one answer

Hard Drive Failure?

In a day and age where people now have terabytes of hard drive space.. how does one manage this massive amount of data?

For the majority of users, data can be easily replaced or backups are not thought of until the fatal clicking of a hard drive is heard.

So at what cost or price point is a backup solution? Well it can go from the few dollars a month, into the thousands of dollars a year. This can be home built raid arrays, NAS (Network Accessible Storage) or managed servers in a data center.

For someone who is an enthusiast photographer like myself, i prefer the former. I have process of backing up my photography drive every time i use it, to an external hard drive.. but what more can I do? and at what price point?

This leads me to Carbonite. I found this originally due to using it in my workplace. We have a network share drive which we automatically back the office local files off too each day, and every night Carbonite loads up and backs up all of our important data off site.

Well you can access your restorations/backups anywhere. You can set a time each day for backups to occur, this can be at night.. while your at work and it will upload your chosen directories with ease. Carbonite also creates backup points in case you introduce something undesired and it gets automatically backed up.

As i touched on the automatic backup will backup anything within the desired directory, this includes perhaps anything undesirable that finds it’s way into this directory. I am very strict with my computer usage, however I am also the primary (and pretty much only) user of my PC. This could be difficult in a share house, or with children around. Offsite means you are required to be online, a great solution if you have an easy to access internet connection and especially one with free uploads! This is not a solution for someone with metered uploads, or intermittent internet. This could cause an array of issues including going over download limit, getting charged extra on top of your monthly internet bill or having uploads to Carbonite fail consistently.

Is it for you? Well only you can answer that.. but with the Australian Carbonite offering a free 30 day trial at the moment.. can you really go wrong?

For a user who keeps the majority of their file structure on a PC, at a fixed address with unmetered uploads i think you would be hard pressed to argue against the small cost for protecting what you putting many hours of hard work into.

Hope this was helpful.

Till next time…

Welcome to my Photography Website/Blog

Hello Everyone.

My name is Jack and this is a website/blog to display my photographic adventures. I plan to update weekly explores that I go on as well as sharing my thoughts and things that interest me. I reside in Sydney, Australia and have been lucky enough to experience travel and photo what i see.
I hope you enjoy the site and blog.



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