McIvers Baths Moonscape

The large moon sitting on the horizon in late March was a big talking point within the photography community. My housemate was very keen on getting out and capturing some shots of the massive moon on the horizon. The problem was tracking the right path and trajectory to have an interesting foreground for the shot. There were a few days where the moon would be at it’s biggest (at the moon rise and moon set) unfortunately of course for Sydney.. it was overcast! But the next chance the clouds parted (ever so slightly) we grabbed our cameras and shot down the road to get some photos.

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Friday the 13th Sunrise

South Maroubra Sunrise Outside in Pixels Photography by Jack Chauvel Seascape Landscape OIP

No black cats, ladders or hoodoo was going to stop me from getting out for a sunrise on Friday the 13th! Not even the fact I was using a borrowed Nikon D700.. I didnt have a cable release/trigger.. and I left my quick release plate on my Nikon D90 at my parents house which meant I had to use a borrowed tripod. My main motivation for getting out on a Friday before work (yes before work.. am I crazy?!) is that I am trying to get into a good routine of heading out for sunrises on Fridays and Sundays this Autumn/Winter and Spring. For me this meant a trip to a new spot.. about 10mins from my new place and making the most of the Sun rising in a ENE trajectory. Welcome to South Maroubra.

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La Perouse Sunrise Long Exposure

This is a rather cold shot from the 31st of March. It is actually Week 12 in my 10 Stop Project and this was taken under the bridge to Bare Island at La Perouse in Sydney. La Perouse sits near the heads of Botany Bay and is pretty much where Captain Cook first landed (Memorial is on the other side of the bay at Kurnell).

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Turimetta Beach in Early May

Turimetta Beach is a rather wild beach in Warriewood on the northern beaches in Sydney. I say wild because it feels rather untamed.. almost like you aren’t in Sydney at all. It is tucked away from houses, lights and almost always has decent sized surf crashing over the rock shelf. It is a seascape photographer’s paradise and every time you head there you are almost guaranteed to see at least 5 – 10 other photographers. I think the most I counted was around 25! It is the taming of the wild beast however as Turimetta is not forgiving and the roughness of the beach means the sandbanks and what is exposed is forever changing

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A Cloudy South Coogee Sunrise

If you follow me on any social medias you might have seen me up and about at ungodly hours over the last week or so.. this has been in trying to kick start my winter drive for sunrises. Why winter you say? Isnt it colder? Yes.. its freezing.. it is so so so so cold in the morning. But historically from my observations the colder months produce some more spectacular sunrises. I personally find however that its getting back into the groove of making consistent returns to the beach in the morning that is key to ongoing early rises. And how does sunrise work as a photographer

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A Long Exposure of a Coogee Sunset

Outside in Pixels Long Exposure Coogee Beach NSW Australia Sydney Seascapes

If you live in Sydney you probably would have noticed that over the last couple of weeks we have been lucky to see some amazing sunsets. Great colours with mixes from orange to red to pink to purple and everything inbetween. Sydney is a difficult city to capture with a sunset.. and with the sunset getting earlier and earlier it is very rare I find myself out of work early enough to get to a vantage point to make the most of it. This is where the joy of flexible work hours comes in.. with me taking the opportunity of a pre-8am start to get out of work shortly after 4pm. This allowed me time to rush back home.. grab my bag and head on down to Coogee Beach one afternoon when I saw the sky turning a great colour.

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Fuji Superia 400 & Roll One

Well much the same as with my Fuji Neopan 400 post this is the Fuji Superia 400 post. A nicely grained c41 35mm film with some great colours and useability. I found it pretty interesting to shoot with but have had some mix results post development. A few where it seems to have really pushed the film too far and has unusable light/colours and grain. But for the rest of the shots.. I really do like it.

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Fuji Neopan 400 & Roll One

Welcome to Fuji Neopan 400.. a nice B&W film with a great grain.. and wow it has exceeded all the stories ive been told! I actually have around 5 rolls of this stuff at home.. waiting to be shot. I love the way it handles the grain and the contrast and it doesnt mind being shot at ISO800. A lot of people go to Neopan as their daily B&W film and I can definitely see why. I have also shot a roll of Neopan 1600 but I have yet to see the results (am hanging out).

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Introducing the Yashicamat 124g

The whattamat what? No I am not spraying jibberish.. it is the name of my new Medium Format Film Camera. The next big step in my photography journey is to a 6×6 Twin Lens Reflex Film camera.. where you focus by looking into the top and you crank your film on by winding a handle. Too much you say? Well after spending years gawking at my dad’s beautiful Rolleiflex he has at home I decided that I must follow in his foot steps. So how does it work? Well perhaps this should be saved for a time when it isnt loaded with film and I can take some shots for you. Ill also spare you the intricate details of Medium Format and how a TLR works for then but for now.. why did i grab one of these?

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Neilsen Park Sunset at 10 Stops

The great thing about having a housemate who is also interested in photography is the random lets go for sunset suggestions! Which works out great.. most of the time.. this time he unfortunately left his memory cards at home.. and he shoots on the other side of the fence.. which means he cant use my SD cards.. and I cant use his CF!

So I got taken to a place in Sydney I hadnt been before.. well I had driven by.. I had even attempted to park and swim one summer.. but nevertheless a great harbour location which I hadnt visited. The western side of Neilsen Park (which is deceptive by name) gives quite a few rock outcrops that look over towards the city and the harbour bridge. I think next time ill shoot a little bit longer.. as you can see the city is minuscule when using the Sigma 10-20mm. Yes I did have my new toy in tow (the Yashica 124g) and yes I did fire some frames! So I loook forward to getting those up as a follow up blog to this.

Not much more to add bar the long exposures are still a lot of fun for me.. but still a lot of trial and error. Getting the timing right to ensure exposure and sharpness is maintained all the way to the edges is tough. Same deal comes to framing and cropping as the exposures are so long it can become quite easy to get caught up and miss light, colours and clouds during a long exposure that might span 5 to 10 minutes. This is technically week XX in my 52 week but this image makes up #11… it wont be strict as sometimes I might get a few shots in a week or one shot in a month

I have a colour version.. I am still unsure of.. I might save that and go and reshoot it in the near future.

Till next time..

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