Week 1 – Planet Tangerine

Known to few people who follow my flickr profile, I am actually conducting my own 52 week photography project this year… the subject matter is a small Stormtrooper figurine i have had for many years. I have nicknamed him Stormy, and each Sunday for each week of 2010 I am aiming in uploading a new adventure for the little guy… since we are in April already this Sunday will bring Week 15. In fact, I will post up a new stormy update every day until I bring everyone up to speed. Some weeks I write a corny one liner or story to fit, more than happy for people to leave comments on here or flickr to help develop a small storyline for the little guy.

Week 1 - Planet Tangerine

Week 1 - Planet Tangerine

Tackling the fruit bowl on his own.

If you cannot wait until i have posted up each week you can find the whole set here;
Project 52: Adventures of Stormy Stormtrooper

Till next time…

Photo backup solutions? Carbonite is one answer

Hard Drive Failure?

In a day and age where people now have terabytes of hard drive space.. how does one manage this massive amount of data?

For the majority of users, data can be easily replaced or backups are not thought of until the fatal clicking of a hard drive is heard.

So at what cost or price point is a backup solution? Well it can go from the few dollars a month, into the thousands of dollars a year. This can be home built raid arrays, NAS (Network Accessible Storage) or managed servers in a data center.

For someone who is an enthusiast photographer like myself, i prefer the former. I have process of backing up my photography drive every time i use it, to an external hard drive.. but what more can I do? and at what price point?

This leads me to Carbonite. I found this originally due to using it in my workplace. We have a network share drive which we automatically back the office local files off too each day, and every night Carbonite loads up and backs up all of our important data off site.

Well you can access your restorations/backups anywhere. You can set a time each day for backups to occur, this can be at night.. while your at work and it will upload your chosen directories with ease. Carbonite also creates backup points in case you introduce something undesired and it gets automatically backed up.

As i touched on the automatic backup will backup anything within the desired directory, this includes perhaps anything undesirable that finds it’s way into this directory. I am very strict with my computer usage, however I am also the primary (and pretty much only) user of my PC. This could be difficult in a share house, or with children around. Offsite means you are required to be online, a great solution if you have an easy to access internet connection and especially one with free uploads! This is not a solution for someone with metered uploads, or intermittent internet. This could cause an array of issues including going over download limit, getting charged extra on top of your monthly internet bill or having uploads to Carbonite fail consistently.

Is it for you? Well only you can answer that.. but with the Australian Carbonite offering a free 30 day trial at the moment.. can you really go wrong?


For a user who keeps the majority of their file structure on a PC, at a fixed address with unmetered uploads i think you would be hard pressed to argue against the small cost for protecting what you putting many hours of hard work into.

Hope this was helpful.

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Redfern Carriageworks

I have had the pleasure of getting access to the Redfern/Newtown Carriageworks in Sydney in the past couple of weeks. They have a loft style room which was being renovated with new floors, I had a before and after shoot and the floors have come up amazing. I thought it was definitely worthy of a shoot and the reflections were just astronomical. I have two shots for this, one can be found in my explore set here. That shot is not a HDR, was processed from a slightly underexposed shot so that the windows would not completely blow out with highlights.

This is a shot from downstairs, looking up the stairways to the room above (taken last week) click here.

You can view the shot from the pre-polished floors here.

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Maroubra (Mahon Pool) & La Perouse

What a weekend of shooting! I backed up the morning shoot at Bronte with an afternoon shoot with my friend Michael at the Mahon Pool (Maroubra) and at La Perouse. It was overcast, wet and windy… icy icy cold. We persevered since Michael was out from Penrith and had yet to visit/explore the coast and the photo opportunities it has to offer! I have shot the Mahon pool once before at Sunrise, facing east on an overcast day gives an opportunity to shoot with filters. I had a range of success, with the colour cast being the result from double stacking my Cokin filters.

I decided to aim for a mix of B&W, HDR and Filtered shots and have gone quite heavy on this series. The salt spray was so fast and abundant it infact made it almost pointless in using the filters at La Perouse.. we took some shots at the base of the bridge near Bare Island but i wasnt quite happy with any of the shots, i have processed just one shot of the turret at La Perouse.

Mahon Pool offers a variety of rock platforms to shoot the pool from, or to shoot the rocks and the waves that crash against them. Low tide offers some great effects of calmer water flows, where as a big swell and surf see’s lots of crashing water. I am very impressed with the fact it can be shot at different times of the day, please take note for sunrise that Mahon Pool has big orange sulfur flood lights to light it up, so you will have to adjust your white balance or wait for enough light for the orange light to not have an effect on your photos.

The full set can be seen here.

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A Bronte Beach Sunrise

An explore with my friend Zee and James to Bronte this morning. The sunrise was a little dissapointing with an abundance of cloud dulling the colour.. and then it downpoured! And we scampered for cover.. and then the sun came out from behind the clouds with an awesome glow.. whilst it still rained… ahh for want of a weatherproofed camera.

It was a great spot, south side of Bronte at low tide yields some great results with rocks and the pool there. Definitely recommend this as a location to visit.

For anyone wanting to visit, park on the south side of Bronte Rd and head down the path ways to get down to the rock pool. From there you can explore the rock shelf on the left, or go straight off the beach. 10 points to the guy complaining about people in his shots this morning, he even asked a woman not to go for a swim…

The full set can be seen here.

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Castles made of Sand

Recent HDR Shot from Turimetta Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Welcome to my Photography Website/Blog

Hello Everyone.

My name is Jack and this is a website/blog to display my photographic adventures. I plan to update weekly explores that I go on as well as sharing my thoughts and things that interest me. I reside in Sydney, Australia and have been lucky enough to experience travel and photo what i see.
I hope you enjoy the site and blog.



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