Self Film Development.. The Journey

So a few nights ago I was filled with great anticipation.. I was excited.. but afraid.. and nervous as I poured out the last of the water from the developing tank. It only took 9 and a half minutes but it felt like 3 hours in total. I had just completed my first home development (as a complete film novice), with the help of my father. It is hard to describe how it feels.. its a new experience for an old technology. A technology which whilst accurate.. is not an exact science.. and much like looking at the black back of a film camera, when you first remove the film from the tank you just dont really know how it has turned out.
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Film.. my first rolls

From time to time you give something a try as an interest and it just happens to pan out. Sometimes (if you are lucky enough) this can come from the generosity of others and give you the push you needed into stepping outside your usual bounds. This has happened to be over the last couple of months, with the very kind donation of a film camera to my to try. After fiddling with it and putting a couple of rolls through I have now finally had my first rolls developed.

A lot of the main inspiration for me behind film is the process and thought that is required.

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